What Master Degree Should I Get

What Master Degree Should I Get – If you follow me on Instagram, sign up for my email list, or know me in real life, you know I just finished my master’s degree.

Below, I discuss everything from teachers and master’s degrees, from personal goals to implementing ideas in second grade. Many people have asked me which master’s degree a teacher should take, and I can give some guidance on that.

What Master Degree Should I Get

What Master Degree Should I Get

I graduated in 2008 with a master’s degree in Teaching and Leadership. (I knew this since graduation!) I knew I wanted to be in middle and high school leadership. My future includes training or being a department head. Ultimately, I thought I would become a director.

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However, this degree has benefited me in many ways beyond a simple salary increase. It may seem silly, but I knew management was wrong because I had respect for what managers do. Excessive and demanding balance? Not for me. Many times during the Covid shutdown I thought, “I’m so scared of these decisions.” I’m glad I’m not a manager.

Twelve years later, in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I realized that a master’s degree in English would benefit me in several ways:

What master’s degree should a teacher obtain? People often ask me which course is best suited for me and which classes I like best.

Yes, I know which course is most important to me, and many of my loyal blog readers can probably guess the answer.

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If you are an educator and are pursuing a master’s degree, consider the following: you will spend dozens and hundreds of hours studying content for graduate school. What makes you happy? You can research, highlight and write on a Saturday morning – which focus interests you most? What helps you plan for the future? You spend hours away from your family and home; What is the cost of this sacrifice? Where are you happiest?

So when I think about the question of whether a teacher should get a master’s degree, I have several thoughts – ten to be exact.

If you are reading this and teach history or science or another content area, insert your content area in these notes. With high school teachers, our courses cover many angles! Focused on learning or focused on content?

What Master Degree Should I Get

When I entered college at 17, I knew what I needed. Before I knew the word “humanity”, I knew what made me happy in life.

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Completing a master’s degree in English has brought me personal happiness because I love reading, researching and writing. When I can spread this joy to younger students, my classes become more engaging.

During a few class periods, we would discuss small parts of each area of ​​language arts: writing, genres, grammar, rhetoric, literature, poetry, literary devices, and more. To some extent, all the pieces are part of the whole.

AND? We English teachers must be fair and adequately prepare these future humanities classes. It’s not fair to think, “I hate level speech” or “The grammar doesn’t make sense.” We have students in our class who need to master the basics of this material.

After meeting my teachers, I asked questions about the content. For example, the idea that “the theme cannot be a word”. Many English teachers have told me this over the years, but I don’t remember clear instructions from undergraduate classes.

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So I asked him. All the PhD professors I spoke to gave the same answer: of course, theme can be a word.

Where did this idea come from? Why do elementary and middle school teachers teach that the theme is a statement and the reason is a single word?

I think English teachers have taken the educational side of their work and applied it to this concept. If we can explain to students that theme and theme are different, then we can move on to more complex concepts and work with stories. We found a way to explain the concept, but in the process we taught something wrong.

What Master Degree Should I Get

But it’s not fair to underestimate our content. Language arts are deep and nuanced. Our job is to cover the confusing and less obvious parts.

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I graduated in English Education almost twenty years ago. My interests in life center on stories and language. Naturally, this new master’s degree that I’m going to teach will connect me personally! Personally, this is what I learned in my master’s degree in English.

Honestly, I forgot how much I loved language arts until I started this course. I feel like a new teacher, ready to bring new ideas to my students.

Yes, “work-life balance” is a buzzword these days, but I’m going to talk about it. I work full time, have three children and am married. I spent the rest of my life thinking about what master’s degree a teacher should have.

In the classroom, my biggest difficulty is what every English teacher says: giving grades. For example, when my teachers send my schedule, I plan when my students’ work is due. I never had a great seminar paper when my students turned in their research papers. Looking ahead, I knew I wouldn’t be able to adequately assess my students’ writing if they overlapped with my exams.

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In my personal life, I struggled with more organization. My family and I created a master list of my kids’ extracurricular activities and decided who would lead which days. We (thankfully) could schedule some online music lessons, and my kids could practice their instruments at home. I also plan for summer and winter vacations, so we have frozen meals appearing in the oven.

AND? It wasn’t perfect. One semester I had my first class and my kids ate fast food those nights. I miss the band and choir performances. When this happened, I tried to explain to my children (in a very imperfect way) that getting a degree at any age requires sacrifice.

We teachers tend to stay in our classrooms, or at least I know I’m guilty of doing so. Here’s my best example:

What Master Degree Should I Get

But? I don’t like young adult literature like some people. Fantasy and science fiction aren’t usually my thing.

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I certainly read to teach and connect with my students. Still, I have to explore outside of my classroom. For me, it feels like I’m reading a lot of nonfiction stories and memoirs, my favorite reads. By doing this, I become a more loving teacher.

After becoming a student again and going through university, I have new educational goals for my students. Furthermore, reliving being a student doesn’t hurt the teacher!

Here are four education-related concepts that struck me while pursuing this master’s degree in English.

Overall, I felt that my students did not understand the humanities and the potential of studying humanities in college. Even my superiors weren’t sure what kind of work an English degree entailed, other than teaching. As public school teachers and parents of public school students, STEM teachers are incredibly popular in their fields.

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Discussions can be difficult for high school teachers to implement. Students can be hurt by your words and a lesson can easily go off topic. Additionally, teachers are very afraid of getting into trouble with administrators and parents.

The best lessons I learned from history or theory were much discussed. New ideas, other perspectives, more research. Discussion in English class is powerful.

(takes a deep breath) We are all ideas and none of us are perfect. I told myself this many times in graduate school.

What Master Degree Should I Get

A professor once expressed serious concern about the number of Americans taking psychiatric drugs. The comment. . . It was not well received.

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“Education” is not a clear path. For example, words associated with college can be confusing and overwhelming. Consider: Major, Minor, Focus, Focus, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, MD. Why do some classes require three credit hours and others four, and how many hours do degrees require? What is the difference between “____ Faculty” and “Department”? My students asked all these questions and I gave quick lessons on how to look at requirements and find resources.

For those in education, we use these terms loosely. Our students, some of whom will be entering college in a few months? They do not.

If you’re wondering what a master’s degree should earn, I hope the honest reflections I’ve presented above give you a starting point and some concepts. Research that shows or demonstrates excellence in a specific field of study or area of ​​professional activity.

The master’s degree typically requires prior bachelor’s studies, either as a separate course or as part of an integrated course. In the area studied, master’s students are expected to have advanced knowledge in specific theoretical and practical topics. High-level skills in analysis, critical evaluation or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and critically.

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