Ucla Master Degree

Ucla Master Degree – Kelly Kingman was very close to graduation when she dropped out of high school as a senior in 1985. After some setbacks, she slowly got her life back on track. The mother of two later earned her high school diploma from Burbank Adult School in 2007.

Then he saw his daughters being enrolled in their school’s gifted program, and saw their academic progress, and thought: Why shouldn’t I?

Ucla Master Degree

Ucla Master Degree

Kingman remembers: “I was always unsure of myself because of my childhood, but I had these two beautiful children – just off the charts – and through them I found my strength. “

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Then in 2021, Kingman earned his associate’s degree, earning a 4.0 GPA and graduating from Los Angeles Valley College. Transfer to UCLA through the Alliance Transfer Program. He earned a degree in American literature and culture while studying the erasure of indigenous cultures.

Now, the 55-year-old is about to get his degree with honors. She plans to continue her education at UCLA this fall when she enters a graduate program in library and information science.

“I made the right choice by going back to school and choosing UCLA,” Kingman said. “It was a great learning experience for me and I am grateful for many valuable connections.”

The road is not always easy. When one friend followed him to higher education, another laughed at Kingman’s confidence that he belonged at UCLA.

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“I’m the epitome of overcoming adversity,” Kingman said. “There is no age limit for education and development, as we live many lives during our lifetime.”

Earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Kingman is following in the footsteps of her daughters: One graduated from UCLA in 2021 and the other earned a bachelor’s degree from UC San Diego in 2017.

Kingman earned college honors and was one of only 10 students through his senior year to receive an Ahmanson Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Ucla Master Degree

“I never saw myself at UCLA,” he said. “I remember dropping my daughter off at her apartment on the hill and looking down at the school. I looked at her and said, “God, you realize how lucky you are to have the opportunity this?”

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Subscribe to the UCLA RSS feed and our headlines will be delivered directly to your news reader. The department offers a Master of Arts degree in two parallel study programs (Asian American Studies MA / Public Health MPH at the Fielding School of Public Health Department of Community Health Sciences and Asian American Studies MA / Social Welfare MSW at the Luskin School of Public Affairs Department of Social Welfare). In addition, the Department offers an Asian American graduate concentration for graduate students in other areas (https://graduate-study/graduate-concentration/).

The graduate program aims to train students in the following ways: (1) equip them with the knowledge and conceptual framework for critical thinking and evaluation; (2) direct them to research that uses written texts, electronic media, visual materials, or performance methods as a participant; (3) make them aware of the cooperative relationship between education and community services. and (4) prepare them for their work in the private and public sectors.

Graduate coursework focuses on eleven required courses leading to degree completion through two culminating areas: (1) research project or (2) project of interest.

The faculty members bring a wide range of skills and educational methods to the graduate team: from the traditional disciplines of social sciences to emerging areas of digital media and knowledge, emphasizing the integration of quantitative and qualitative methods, empirical and observational research, and developing comparative and cross-sectional approaches to understand the breadth and complexity of Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences. The following is a sampling of topics that Asian American departments are currently working on in teaching and research: critical concerns for race studies, critical race theory, environmental justice, diaspora, food culture, journalism social relations, South-North relations and literature, society. engagement with Asian American religions;

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Our faculty works closely with graduate students and supports a variety of courses that emphasize fieldwork and collaborative efforts. Graduate students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisors throughout the program, especially in developing careers that reflect their personal interests and contribute to Completion of MA.

The department hosts lectures by renowned speakers on the current situation and future development of the field. We are close to several departments or programs that collaborate on campus — Gender Studies, Chicana/o Studies, African American Studies, American Indian Studies, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Languages ​​and Cultures, the Center for Labor Research, and the Institute of American Cultures—offer many of our graduate students various benefits.

This program provides students with an interdisciplinary research sample to examine the history and culture of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

Ucla Master Degree

The required core and breadth courses provide students with a solid foundation in critical issues in Asian American Studies. Integrated curriculum is used in many different subjects and across more than one discipline—showing how all disciplines work together and influence each other. The curriculum of the M.A program allows students to explore new opportunities and develop more depth in their chosen area of ​​expertise.

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A total of 11 graduate and undergraduate credits are required for the MA degree. in Asian American Studies. Of the eleven courses, eight must be at the graduate level (200 or 500 courses). Required coursework is outlined below and in the accompanying PDF.

(1)  The four required courses are Asian American Studies 200A, 200B, 200C, 200D. Core courses must be completed in the first year. Students may take courses only during the second year with the approval of an undergraduate faculty advisor.

(2) Three 200-degree courses taken outside the department. The purpose of broad studies is to expose students to disciplines outside of Asian American studies that complement their focus or course of study. Courses should be selected on the recommendation of the faculty advisor.

(3)  Four elective courses (at least one must be graduate level and the other three courses may be graduate or higher division). Candidates should be selected to provide students with additional training and training or a better understanding of a particular subject. Only two 500 courses will be applied to the four electives, and only one of the two will be applied to the required eight courses. Candidates should be selected from faculty advisors.

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Each master’s thesis project requires the completion of an approved thesis that demonstrates the student’s ability to conduct original, independent research.

The purpose is to provide an opportunity for independent scholarly inquiry into the history and present of the Asian American population and should be the first contribution to the area. It should be the length and quality of the published article. A thesis committee of three members is formed at the beginning of the student’s second year at home in the Fall Quarter, during which the student is expected to submit a research proposal for approval. After preparing and finalizing the paper, the committee conducts a joint review on its topic, usually in the spring quarter of the second year. An approved thesis must be written and submitted in accordance with the regulations of the University for the preparation of the thesis. Academic credit is awarded for research and thesis preparation through Asian American Studies 598.

The field research thesis is recommended for students who are interested in applying what they have learned in their graduate courses or who plan to pursue careers in Asian American community organizations and institutions. A field research thesis committee, consisting of three faculty members (one of whom is designated as chair), meets with the student and approves the project plan at the beginning of the student’s second year in the Fall Quarter. After the dissertation is completed, the committee conducts a peer review of the written essay, usually during the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year. An approved thesis must be typed and typed in accordance with the regulations of the University for the preparation of the thesis. Academic credit for field research is awarded through courses 596 or 598.

Ucla Master Degree

The Asian American Studies M.A. is designed as an option for students interested in completing a degree by taking field tests and Asian American Studies courses. Students choosing this option are expected to demonstrate: (1) the ability to develop and plan a curriculum for an Asian American Studies major/minor; and (2) the ability to develop appropriate teaching methods for teaching such subjects. Exam requirements include the following: (1) design the first three syllabi with an accompanying narrative that reinforces the lesson plan, (2) write a detailed essay based on the content of the three courses, and (3) taking courses. joint analysis based on (1) and (2). Three American Studies faculty members serve on the Research Review Committee. Two will be selected from those who have taught the course. The third will be chosen by the student.

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