Online Master’s Degree Programs

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Online Master’s Degree Programs

Online Master's Degree Programs

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Best Affordable Online Sports Medicine, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Physiology Studies Degree Programs (master’s) 2020

The 10 Best Coursera Online Master’s Programs to Take This Summer, From Information Science to Public Health

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Coursera is probably best known for its free options, from Yale’s psychology course to Stanford’s machine learning course. It also offers short-term certification programs from companies like Google and IBM.

Edx Lists 13 Upcoming Online Masters Degree Program — Class Central

But there are also master’s programs—distance, access, and comparative—that are more affordable in the departments, courses, and degrees that are often offered to students on campus by the same departments, courses, and degrees.

Below are 10 popular Coursera master’s programs ranging from electrical engineering to public health. Please note that the application deadline is from 30 May to 31 August 2021.

One of the best schools in the world, the University of Pennsylvania offers a fully online master’s degree in computer and information technology. The MCIT Online program is designed for non-computer science majors and prepares students for roles in finance, healthcare, education and government, as well as i and business development.

Online Master's Degree Programs

Students come from various disciplines (history, chemistry, medicine), and graduates have found work at technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, etc.

Online Master’s Degree Programs In Healthcare Administration

The iMBA program gives online students the same MBA degree as on-campus students. Students conduct online conferences in live classrooms, lead team projects, and interact with professors in specialized offices to complete 18 courses and three projects.

Students come from more than 90 countries and 48 US states, achieving diverse perspectives and a global network.

The University of Michigan Applied Data Science master’s program is one of the top 10 data science programs and combines classroom and project-based learning. S

Students learn to master fundamental data science concepts (machine learning, natural language processing) and explore real-time relevant topics such as privacy, data protection, and network desirability.

Online Master’s Degree Ranked Among Best For Accounting

The iMSM is a nine-course, fully online master’s degree in management. The University of Illinois claims to provide students with the same education from the same school as on campus.

The subject area includes foundational courses (leadership and teams, marketing management, project management, etc.) in addition to accounting and finance courses. From there, students can tailor their degree to elective courses in global business, business challenges, and core data and communications.

This global MBA program will develop your skills in the fundamentals – marketing, accounting and more – as well as developing the specific future-oriented skills that will help you excel and succeed in the future.

Online Master's Degree Programs

Students develop planning, leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills using real-world cases from industry partners to help develop each department.

Online Engineering Masters Programs

The Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder is completely online and flexible. Students can complete an individual course or a group of courses in the professional development program to earn a graduation certificate.

To obtain the full master’s degree, students can complete 30 credit hours of electives. They can choose from more than 30 optional subjects in the main areas: electrical engineering, integrated systems, photonics and optics, control and communication, electromagnetics and computer technology.

Entry into the program is based on performance, so no formal application is required to start. You only need to successfully complete one “Pathway Specialization” to be officially accepted into the program. You then combine these points with other courses to reach 30 points.

The University of Michigan, one of the top universities in the world, offers its own fully online public health degree. Students gain expertise in key public health topics and diversify their education in areas such as nutrition, health communication, data analytics, environmental diseases, and more.

Month Masters Degree Programs Online [updated List]

In order to prepare for a variety of roles, students develop data collection and analysis, crisis planning and communication skills during their 42 credits. All students also receive real-world learning through Applied Practice Experiences (APEx).

The fully online Master’s in Population and Health Sciences teaches students about today’s public health issues and develops their data analysis skills.

Designed as one of the top five public universities in the country, the University of Michigan’s program is both academic and research-intensive. Among other things, public health professionals show students how to conduct literature reviews, understand research methods, analyze and interpret data, compare research, and prepare scientific articles for publication.

Online Master's Degree Programs

Imperial College London, one of the top 20 universities in the world, offers an online Masters in Public Health, along with access to faculty who have helped shape world policy (like the researchers leading the Ebola response). Students study biostatistics, epidemiology, health systems, health economics, population health improvement, and more. In order to develop research skills, students also study public health issues affecting their own communities.

The 24 Most Affordable Online Master’s In Law (m.l. Or Ll. M.) Grad School Programs In 2023

The program is entirely online and students are given the opportunity to develop work to submit to peer-reviewed journals and create portfolios to advance the next stage of their careers.

Named the most innovative school in the United States (US News) four years in a row, Arizona State University’s fully online master’s program combines classroom learning with hands-on work in topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, and big data. Online students earn the same degree as on-campus students and learn from the same curriculum.

ASU students have unique opportunities to collaborate with campus organizations such as the Blockchain Research Laboratory.

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Explore Master’s Degree Opportunities At Uog

Note: Written and reviewed by the Insider Reviews team. We identify products and services that may be of interest to you. In the case of a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sales revenue from our partners. We find free products from manufacturers for testing. It does not affect our decision whether to display a product or not. We work independently of our advertising team. We welcome your feedback. Email us at According to the Labor Statistics Office, by 2030 the demand for professionals participating in mathematics and statistics graduate training is expected to grow by 33%, faster than average. Professionals can find highly qualified employers. pursue an online master’s degree in statistics at an accredited university. Online statistics master’s programs can give you the skills you need to deal with big data in a number of areas, including:

We created this ranking of the best online statistics masters to showcase the best programs in the country. In order to provide as many statistics degrees as possible, we have expanded our search to math-related programs, more statistics courses, and biostatistics software. We searched for schools offering this type of program based on information from the National Center for Education Statistics, as well as our own research.

The schools in our online statistics master’s degree rankings are regionally accredited and offer a balanced education with a focus on statistics and applied mathematics. In order to receive additional value, the programs need to be taught by experts. For the purposes of this classification, an online program is defined as one that provides the majority of courses online. Using our rankings, we found the 20 best online masters in statistics.

Online Master's Degree Programs

The University of Delaware’s best online master’s in statistics is an advanced program that prepares students for a variety of career opportunities. Advanced courses are developed by professionals from some of the country’s leading companies. Online master’s courses are 100% online with no campus residency requirements. Applications include:

A Master Of Business Administration Online Degree Programs

Students can take advantage of practical opportunities using SAS. The capstone course enables students to design and conduct an applied research project, producing valuable research.

Penn State World Campus offers an affordable online master’s degree in statistics with curriculum developed by industry experts. Students gain hands-on experience working with new software packages, developing the data analysis skills needed by senior professionals. The 30 credit hour curriculum includes the following courses:

Special education is taught by many of the same teachers who teach the program at the university.

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