Online Master Degree In Education

Online Master Degree In Education – At the University of Georgia, we are committed to raising the bar for higher education, and statistics show that master’s programs are becoming more popular, especially .

Master’s programs are also becoming more expensive, with their net price rising faster than bachelor’s degrees. Therefore, recently, more and more people have chosen a master’s degree to forgo other institutional costs associated with being on campus. During the 2015–16 academic year, about 785,000 master’s degrees were awarded in the United States, a rate of about two master’s degrees for every five bachelor’s degrees awarded. Enrollment rates in master’s courses or programs have increased significantly, and an analysis found that 31 percent of students enrolled in master’s programs in 2016 reported that their program was complete, and 21 percent reported that they took some, but not all, classes. .

Online Master Degree In Education

Online Master Degree In Education

Over the past two decades, master’s programs have steadily enrolled a greater share of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds. The share of African-American and Hispanic students has nearly doubled over the past 20 years. At the same time, master’s programs have become more diversified and more specialized with a wider array of courses offered. At the University of Georgia, we offer 17 master’s programs and 12 graduate certificates. In addition, we offer a post-baccalaureate certificate and two undergraduate degrees.

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Education is particularly suitable for students in master’s programs because these students usually tend to be active and self-motivated learners who are more likely to have been educated before and are working. Master’s degrees also offer more flexibility to students, allowing them to make their own schedules and complete assignments on their own time, according to deadlines.

* By submitting this form, you authorize the University of Georgia (UGA) to retain the information you provide on this form. You also authorize UGA to contact you by text message or phone call regarding your request, including by automated text or call using the information you have provided on this form. If you provide UGA with additional telephone numbers, including wireless telephone numbers, you also authorize UGA to use those numbers to contact you by any of the methods mentioned above. If you do not wish to have your information stored, please email .By pursuing an online master’s degree in adult education, you could prepare to take an active role in the professional development and education of adult students. With so many non-traditional students flocking to the education system, you may have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to meet their unique learning habits.

While you are working to help other academic goals, you could be working on your own at the same time. This master’s program could further develop the fundamental teaching techniques and methods you studied during your undergraduate work to better support the needs of adult students in the classroom and in the education system in general.

The online master’s degree in adult education has a clear goal of educating students to better serve the needs of atypical adults who can return to their education. Many employers are raising the bar when it comes to hiring new employees, so many adults are returning to academia in hopes of better career potential. An online master’s degree in adult education could help you develop leadership skills to serve these people and design a curriculum to help in their schooling journey.

Master’s Degrees Are Becoming More Popular, Increasingly Online

If you’re pursuing an online master’s degree in adult education, you may find yourself dealing with two educational curricula. First, you may encounter courses in general education theory applied to general academic classrooms. This may involve topics such as literacy development, social theory and development, educational research methods, and cognitive assessment.

These courses aim to expand your understanding of key teaching concepts that could potentially benefit a wide range of students, regardless of age. In addition, master’s in adult education programs offer specialized courses tailored to educate adult students. Topics may include adult instructional design, multicultural teaching methods, and teaching core subjects to adult learners (ie, math, science, language arts).

These curricula can offer students the opportunity to take an English as a second language course. Many adult students returning to education often do not speak English as their primary language and may benefit from language assistance in the classroom. By pursuing a master’s degree in adult education, you can gain valuable language skills and knowledge to further develop a welcoming educational environment for students with high language skills.

Online Master Degree In Education

Not all online adult education master’s programs can actually be 100% online. Fieldwork within the classroom is often required. Typically, this classroom portion of your curriculum lasts one semester. This personal semester can place you among the students you may teach in the future. During this time, you may have the opportunity to practically apply the theory and methods you develop as part of your master’s program and help students, receiving critical feedback from current teachers and adult educators.

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It is important to note that courses may vary by institution. Be sure to speak with potential programs for a complete list of courses and academic requirements.

Because of the level of graduate education, and the more rigorous coursework involved, admissions aims to assess the academic ability of incoming applicants. Because of this, students may be required to submit a 3.0 undergraduate GPA in addition to GRE or MAT test scores.

Online master’s in education programs can be offered in a variety of formats, each emphasizing a different aspect of education. Some common continuing education master’s programs might be:

These are just a sampling of possible master’s programs you could pursue. Others may also be offered in the master of arts (MA) format or in the arts in teaching (MAT) format. For a more complete list, continue further down this page to view possible degree options. Or, check with your intended program for a list of master’s degree offerings.

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It is important to note that some programs may not offer a specific adult education major, but may extend a small class in that concentration for students to choose to major in. These degree programs may be listed as “adult specialization” or “adult concentration.”

Did you know? Adults with some college, but no degree, may earn $3,000 more per year than those with only a high school diploma.

Unlike a bachelor’s degree, master’s programs for adults are often shorter and do not emphasize general academic options. Their focus remains only on the course material. This can be reflected in the master’s graduation timeline: students usually have to complete 30 credits to graduate. This translates to students earning a master’s degree in adult education in approximately 2 to 2.5 years. Completion times may vary by institution.

Online Master Degree In Education

After earning a master’s degree in adult education, students may be able to continue their education at the doctoral level. You may consider earning some of these degrees:

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For a more complete list of doctoral programs, and more information about the program in general, see the adult education doctoral program page.

63% of students pursuing a degree at a post-secondary institution (full-time and part-time) are 25 years of age or older. ii

As for graduate applications, an online master’s degree in adult education could apply to many professional positions, and not just those who teach in the classroom! Below is a list of possible career choices for adults, and their associated annual income, that you could pursue:

While students may find that they are able to pursue a training and development manager position with a bachelor’s degree, many employers prefer a master’s degree in adult education for this role.

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Thanks to your master’s degree, you could demonstrate valuable knowledge of behavioral psychology, instructional design, and educational theory, which can be valuable for starting a career in this field. It is expected to see a potential increase in available occupations of 7% in the period between 2014 and 2024.

As for the teaching positions mentioned above, a bachelor’s degree is often an important requirement for entry-level positions. While this is true, students may also be required to have a state license, in the form of a teaching certificate, to enter a. role of professional education For more information about the specific requirements for your state’s teaching certificate, talk to your education department. Often, to maintain this license, teachers are required to earn a master’s degree.

By earning a degree before you start teaching – or while you are currently teaching – you could meet this requirement before it is required. This can potentially save you valuable time later in your career. Adult literacy teachers with high school equivalency diplomas are expected to see a potential increase in available occupations of approximately 7%.

Online Master Degree In Education

By earning a master’s degree in adult education online, you could be taking the first steps in helping a new generation of non-traditional students. To continue your search for the perfect online master’s degree in adult education, scroll further down this page to see a list of possible programs.

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To read a brief description of a program, or request more information, click on its associated link, and select “request information.”

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