Online History Master’s Degree

Online History Master’s Degree – The Department of History in the university’s College of Arts and Sciences offers both a Bachelor of Arts in History and an online Master of Arts in History. Students can complete their education at a major university with the flexibility and convenience of an online environment. More than two dozen history faculty teach courses covering all major geographies and time periods. Particular strengths of the online program include US history; Women, Gender and Family; Asia; and medieval Europe. Please use the links below for a complete list of online course catalogs.

You can earn this degree entirely online by combining online courses with courses offered on campus or by combining university courses (online and on campus) with a limited number of approved transfer courses from other institutions (see Bachelor of History degree for more information).

Online History Master’s Degree

Online History Master's Degree

As an online student, you will be advised by Academic Supervisor and Online Coordinator Amanda Lee Savage, aksavage@, 901.678.1677, 145 Mitchell.

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For information about your application, deadlines, and other pre-admission questions, please contact Admissions. For questions regarding tuition and fees, please contact the University Office of Student Affairs.

Students enrolled in this program must complete all online degree requirements. 15 credit hours earned at another university may be applied toward the degree. The Ancient Egyptian History concentration is not offered online (although we do occasionally offer online courses in this area). For more information about our graduate programs and online master’s in history, see the Graduate Programs section.

Dr. Andrew Daly, 901.678.2868, 105 Mitchell, is the Director of Graduate Studies. Contact him if you have any questions about graduate studies in history.

For inquiries regarding forms, deadlines, status of your application and other similar matters, please contact the Senior Secretary, Dr. Contact Rosa Erica Feleg, 901.678.1366, 219B3 Mitchell.

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For several years, the UM Online MA in History has been ranked among the top 10 colleges for online master’s degrees. Learn about the best online master’s programs that can take your love of history and turn it into an advanced degree and rewarding career opportunities.

Deep historical knowledge and understanding informs our view of the present and the future. Additionally, the skills learned in a history program can help nonprofits, businesses, and virtually any organization improve their research, communication, and data analysis capabilities. Earning a master’s degree in history can also pave the way for a teaching career. With that in mind, which schools offer the best online master’s programs in history for your career goals? To help you find the program that’s right for you, we’ve compiled this year’s list of the highest-ranked online master’s programs in history based on factors such as accreditation, affordability, flexibility of learning, and student support. See which schools are ranked first in 2023.

To qualify for this ranking, colleges had to meet the following criteria based on state data provided by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

Online History Master's Degree

After shortlisting eligible colleges, OMD’s data science team assigned weighting factors and ranked colleges based on a combination of affordability, availability of online learning and student support metrics.

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Each OMD ranking uses the latest data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), which is self-reported through surveys by the US Department of Education of colleges and universities across the country.

Students in Arizona State University’s online master’s in history will explore world history and learn skills such as analytical thinking and effective communication that can be carried over into their future careers. You will learn about societies around the world by collaborating with your peers in the community. The course covers a wide range of time periods and geographical locations, allowing students to gain a wide range of historical perspectives. Students choose from two major areas of study: North American History or World History. Students will also gain skills in writing, researching, investigating and studying a variety of historical topics and eras. Graduates will be prepared for careers in research, public service, politics, journalism, or other fields, as instructors in elementary, secondary, and higher education settings, and for roles in public history, including museums and historical societies. Applicant requirements include a complete application, official transcripts, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, resume, and writing sample.

The University of Norwich’s Master of History program provides students with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding and analysis of key events, events and individuals of the past. Students choose one of four tracks: American history, social history, world history, and legal and constitutional history, each culminating in a capstone. Students studying American and world history have the option of completing a thesis. Those in the MA program will be exposed to more than one historical tradition, apply depth and breadth of experience to contemporary roles to become more knowledgeable educators and public historians, and conduct historical research using multiple resources. Graduates prepare for roles such as archivists, curators, digital historians, editors, grant writers, researchers, museum directors, content creators, archaeologists, and more.

The Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis MA History program provides students with the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of world geographies in the modern and pre-modern periods in order to identify historical figures, important events, and social movements. . They will acquire graduate-level historical knowledge along with critical thinking skills and techniques for clear and persuasive writing. They will also learn how to conduct research, construct historical arguments, and identify historical trends and their impact. program will result in at least one semester-long research project of original scholarship. Applicant requirements include a bachelor’s degree, a minimum GPA of 3.0, an online application, official transcripts, and a 250-word personal statement.

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While college rankings are a great place to start your college search, it can also be helpful to delve deeper into actual programs to get a better idea of ​​what it’s really like to earn a master’s degree in history online. Check out our detailed profiles of the top three programs below to see what they offer.

Those wishing to enroll in the online master’s program in history at Southern New Hampshire University must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum GPA of 2.75. In addition to submitting transcripts from an accredited college or university, applicants must also submit a written personal statement with their application.

When students enroll in this program, they take courses designed to teach them how to use historical sources to understand past events, evaluate sources to determine their reliability, and present historical information ethically. Specific courses that provide these skills include historiography, comparative history, and historical research methods. In addition, SNHU requires students to choose a major in American, military, or public history and take a capstone course where they complete a project based on the knowledge gained in their courses. Students can also participate in internships that provide field-specific training opportunities.

Online History Master's Degree

Whether you want to use your historical knowledge to work for a nonprofit organization, federal or state agency, national park, or historical society, Arizona State University’s master’s degree in history helps students analyze, organize, research, write, and speak. skills. They are essential for career success. Special classes in the program cover topics such as methods in public history, North American history, and world history. Students must also complete a capstone course to demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum and communicate the value of pursuing a master’s degree in history.

Where To Get A Master’s Degree In History Online In Arkansas

For admission to ASU’s master’s program in history, applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 18 hours of coursework in history or other related social and humanities classes. Prospective students must have a minimum GPA of 3.30 and submit writing samples, letters of recommendation and TOEFL scores if you are an international student.

For those who want to focus their careers on archives or public history, the University of Massachusetts Boston’s online master’s program in history may be the right choice as the department offers specialization in these areas. In addition to concentration courses, the program requires students to take core classes in historiography and research methods, as well as electives covering American history, World War I, and socialism. Students must also complete a capstone project or dissertation that allows them to conduct research on a topic related to their concentration using research skills acquired throughout the program.

Those interested in applying to this school must submit college transcripts, letters of recommendation, a writing sample, and a statement of purpose. UMass Boston does not require students to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), but it is highly recommended. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Thinking about getting a master’s degree in history online, but not sure if the benefits outweigh the effort? Below are some of the benefits that you should consider.

Best Master’s Degrees In Art History Online

When students earn a master’s degree in history online, some beneficial outcomes include the opportunity

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