One Year Master Degree

One Year Master Degree – You want a master’s degree that will give you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global economy. Master’s programs are designed to develop the skills most in demand by employers around the world, so you can add value from day one.

Learn to solve real-world corporate finance problems, developing the tactical leadership and financial skills needed to make an impact

One Year Master Degree

One Year Master Degree

Double your value in a crowded job market by completing your Master’s or MBA for a specialist master’s degree in an additional six months of accelerated study.

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We work with each student individually to identify a focused strategy, equip them with the right tools and set them on a clear path towards their career aspirations. The results speak for themselves.

We have taken advanced methods of self-awareness from leadership development courses and integrated them into all of our degree programs. Become the ultimate leader by taking leadership roles in real-world challenges.

Throughout your career, you will need to constantly update your skills. Whether your goals change or your industry changes, our lifelong learning options keep you up-to-date and relevant.

Practical learning challenges are integrated throughout your program, ensuring you understand relevant theory while developing the mindset and skills needed for a career on a global scale.

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After completing the core programme, you will tailor your degree to your personal interests and subject choice. Choose from a range of electives or specializations in a particular discipline with predefined specialization modules.

View the full range of courses in our general and specialist business master’s programmes, search by keyword or browse the full list to see which program has the courses you are most interested in.

Our international team of consultants is here to discuss your personal goals and answer any questions you may have. How you communicate is up to you.

One Year Master Degree

Priority is given to those who apply before the deadline. Our registration team will support and guide you throughout the process.

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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to the use of cookies. For more information, read our cookie policy. To help science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students enter high-tech fields that require professional skills, the US State Department recently launched a one-year professional master’s degree program. degree course.

The one-year master’s degree program has been developed keeping in mind the National Education Policy of India 2020.

Lakatkia, during his presentation at the Jefferson Fellowship Distinguished Lecture Series, said, ‚ÄúThis is a special project developed in the Office of South and Central Asian Affairs, specifically on the opportunities facing US universities as a result of the new Indian education policy. .”

Students can apply for an industrial master’s program in the US after completing a four-year undergraduate program in India.

One Year Masters Programs

Akhlesh Lahattia, a research fellow at Jefferson who received the position from the US State Department, created the initiative. Owen Poe teaches at Lactate University.

According to the rules, after the third year of studies, students enrolled in a four-year undergraduate course at an Indian school can be selected for a 12-month professional master’s course. 12 months will pass at a university in the United States.

To be considered, a student’s grade point average (GPA) at the end of the third academic year must be greater than 3.0 on a 4-point scale. The fourth year should also include at least two elective courses taught in university classrooms and laboratories.

One Year Master Degree

The student must apply for an F-1 visa to the US Consulate in India shortly after selection. In order to “avoid last-minute problems with visas,” Lachtatia says in the lecture, applications are reviewed a year before the start of the 12-month professional master’s program in the United States.

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After completing the bachelor’s degree program, the student is enrolled in a 12-month professional master’s degree program on campus in the USA. The curriculum will include lectures, practical laboratory sessions and seminars.

The students will work on projects relevant to the industry before receiving a professional master’s degree.

A professional master’s degree will guarantee admission in the third year to the first degree studies for selected students, but they must meet the minimum requirements in the fourth year.

The fourth-year courses, which will be accepted for admission to the professional master’s degree program, will be developed in collaboration between Indian universities and universities in the USA.

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Although the project opens up the possibility of twinning at the policy level, it is not a study abroad scholarship. The selected student will be required to pay full tuition for both the program at the US university and for the fourth year at the Indian institution. In addition, the student will be responsible for all living, health and transportation costs to school in the US.

After completing a one-year professional master’s degree, a student can apply for an optional three-year extension of the practical training program to gain work experience in a US industrial facility.

The industrial body will also pay the student a salary. When it comes to the need for expertise in high-tech manufacturing in the USA, the need for such a course arose.

One Year Master Degree

“We need a lot of talented high-tech people. They don’t need PhDs, which doesn’t really matter; instead, they need high-tech skills, which Lakhtatia says are often learned at the master’s level through an intensive 12-month curriculum.

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It amazes me how one organization can be so resourceful. They helped me from start to finish. 9 faced many problems, obstacles as they say, but they all had a solution. I appreciate not only the guidance they provide, but also the suggestions they provide during this transition. I am really more than grateful to the staff who made everything so easy for me. May God bless them

My association with Mr. Kanhaiya Agarwal, founder of a niche education startup, goes back to my school days. Kanhaiya and I were friends from school and I watched him closely as he grew from a charming young boy to a tough businessman. When I was preparing for the management entrance exams, Kanhaiya and his team helped me a lot to complete the beginning and direct the execution. Thanks to him and his team I was able to secure my dream placement at XLRI. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

After learning about ”, I saw an opportunity to clear all the questions about application processes with a team who have correct and correct information about all B-school admissions, and they also help me a lot in my GD PI preparations, leading to dream college IIM AHMEDABAD -KUDOS to KanhaiyaSir&.Some master degrees take one year and some take two. It can be difficult for prospective students to decide which graduate program is best for them. Learn more about the pros and cons of master’s and two-year degrees so you can make an informed decision.

The main differences between one-year and two-year degrees are the duration of the studies, tuition fees, time to acquire expertise and sometimes training related to research.

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Starting with the duration of the studies, a two-year program obviously takes more time than a one-year program. But it is important to know that the final certificate is the same! There is no hierarchy, at least in theory, between a two-year master’s degree.

The duration of the master’s degree is often correlated with the tuition fee. One-year master’s degrees are often cheaper simply because tuition is paid over a shorter period of time. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some second degree programs, especially executive programs, can be very expensive.

Two-year and two-year programs can be very desirable. However, the latter allows more time to develop your knowledge, research and networks. It is also easier to add a semester abroad or work experience to the two-year program.

One Year Master Degree

A common assumption is that master’s degrees are coursework only and do not include a thesis or dissertation. This is not true. There are tons of one-year master’s programs that also include a thesis!

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In addition, many two-year master’s degree programs are advertised as “masters by research”. They often include more methodology courses than one-year programs and allow students to devote more time to writing theses.

The master’s degree studies are short and intensive. This can have several advantages, which attracts many students to one-year programs. Some of the main advantages are:

One-year master’s degree programs have advantages and can be a very suitable option for people. However, a one-year master’s degree also has some disadvantages. Some of the main disadvantages of one-year programs are:

Why would someone spend two years instead of one to get a master’s degree? A two-year master’s degree has several advantages. Some of the main advantages are:

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