Master’s Degree Information Technology

Master’s Degree Information Technology – The demand for professionals in the information technology (IT) sector has grown steadily over the past decade. Almost every business today uses information technology to achieve their business goals. According to the US Department of Labor, IT professionals are currently ranked 15th among the twenty fastest growing occupations. IT professionals are among the top five highest-paid occupations.

This 100% online program trains undergraduate, graduate, and working IT professionals in advanced applications of information technology. This program provides advanced technical knowledge in IT system architecture, data communications, virtualization and enterprise security. Upon successful completion of this professional degree, graduates will be able to use information technology tools and skills in the workplace. This advanced technical training program equips graduates to use and manage information technology for the purpose of increasing organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Master’s Degree Information Technology

Master's Degree Information Technology

All students are required to successfully complete (minimum grade of C) a total of 30 courses. A list of required courses and approved electives is provided below. Must meet all course requirements.

Online Information Technology Degree

To provide continuity in the graduate program of study and to establish a minimum set of major or related courses, it is the policy of the professional M-IT degree that each master’s graduate completes the following course requirements (or equivalent) as determined by the program coordinator/director.

This option combines some of the requirements of a bachelor’s degree in IET or ICT and a career in information technology. Program details can be found at

Students submit a “pre-application” to the ETSE department to receive approval for a fast-track professional master’s program. It must be within approximately 12 credits of a Bachelor’s degree at IET or BICT. Application form is available on ETSE website. Eligibility for the BS+M-IT program is based on the cumulative grade point average of the courses taken at the time and faculty recommendations indicated on the departmental application. Additional factors may be considered when applying (eg, TOEFL/IELTS scores). Students with a GPA below 3.0 may be admitted on a case-by-case basis based on faculty recommendations and evaluation of the individual’s academic and professional history.

After the ETSE department has reviewed and accepted the initial application and notified the applicant of expedited admission, the applicant must formally apply for admission to the graduate program. Applications for graduate studies are made in the final semester.

Master’s Degree In Educational Technology Study Program

Note: It is essential that students apply to the BS+M-IT Accelerated Program before taking any 450 (and above) level courses. Lead the IT teams of the future – combine technical knowledge with practical management skills to become the in-demand digital management professional!

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Master of Information Technology Management gives you all the tools you need to become an IT Master. Learn to be the contact person and responsible for installing and developing IT systems.

Master's Degree Information Technology

Helps teams and companies adopt innovative digital business tools and practices and combines strong IT knowledge with broader business acumen and people management skills. Unlike an IT master’s program, this degree focuses on giving you the tools to mediate between the bigger picture business plan and the technical aspects of owning an IT infrastructure.

Information Assurance And Cybersecurity Masters Online Programs 2023+

The Information Technology MA program is offered as a 120 ECTS degree for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Economics. or as a 60 ECTS degree for students from various backgrounds who already have professional experience in the IT sector.

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During the Master’s in Technology Management, you will discover all the aspects necessary to set up an IT system. You will begin to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of IT: hardware, software, and distributed systems.

Then you dive into topics like IT Law, IT Service Management and IT Project Management. The focus is on management aspects: leadership and analytical skills, along with introducing different methods of assessing and preventing potential cyber threats.

Applying For A Master’s Degree Program

Explore agile project management and gather experience by choosing a variety of careers that match your interests and goals, from Blockchain and Quantum Computing to Scrum and Project Management to Artificial Intelligence.

In Season 2, you have to choose an optional module, which you can choose from one of the following modules:

In Season 3, you have to choose an optional module, which you can choose from one of the following modules:

Master's Degree Information Technology

If you meet the requirements, you can start the study program of your choice at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Master’s In Information Technology Management

Enrollment documents must be provided in English or German, and if not provided in either of these two languages, a translation is required. If you need your documents translated, we can help you turn to our trusted translators.

There is a team of dedicated admissions counselors to guide you through your application to the program. They are:

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Information Technology And Analytics Ms

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Master's Degree Information Technology

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