Master’s Degree In Data Analytics

Master’s Degree In Data Analytics – Marketing is full of data. Every step you take in a huge store, the hundreds of ads you see every day, what your hobbies are, and where you live are all data that go into a successful marketing campaign. And while most marketers are (or should be) data savvy, the demand for true data experts is huge. That’s why data science has been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century” and “the latest skill marketers need. The rewards aren’t bad either. While the average marketing data analyst earns just over $53,000 a year, data scientists in marketing earn an average of more than $93,000. If you could double your salary in less than two years of school, wouldn’t you? If the answer is yes, we’ve narrowed your search below. And if this is just a possibility, note that almost all The programs below were created with the busy adult learner in mind.Methodology:

Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) is a public research institution. This flagship university is located in Bloomington, Indiana. There are 49,695 students enrolled, and the student-faculty ratio is 17:1. The Higher Learning Commission accredits IUB to provide comprehensive degree programs and professional certification. US News awards are endless including: 90th best school in the nation, 52nd best college for veterans, 14th best undergraduate teaching college, 6th best marketing program, 3rd best entrepreneurship program, 9th best management program, 2nd best school for online graduate business programs and 2nd best school for online MBA programs. If that wasn’t enough, IUB is world-renowned for its active visual and performing arts programs. This well-rounded school supports student success through remedial support, academic and career counseling, placement for graduates, employment services for students and even credit for life experience. Not only that, IUB currently offers 20 online degrees and professional certificates. One of the many online opportunities offered through IUB is the online Master of Data Science. We chose this course because of its high academic quality, flexibility and variety of courses available. The program is 30 credit hours long and costs approximately $715 per credit hour. 15 credit hours are dedicated to electives – meaning you can really tailor this program to your interests. All students will study: statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, data analysis and visualization (there are many to choose from). You might specialize in precision health or cyber security. For a top master’s degree in data science that gives you the freedom to pursue your unique interests, you can’t go wrong with IUB.

Master’s Degree In Data Analytics

Master's Degree In Data Analytics

Dakota State University is a public 4-year institution located in Madison, South Dakota. There are 3,190 students enrolled, and the student-faculty ratio is 17:1. The Higher Learning Commission accredits Dakota State University to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as professional certification. According to AS, New Dakota State is ranked the 118th best college in the region and the 34th best public school. The university supports its students with medical assistance, academic counseling, career counseling and recognition of life experiences. Their academic offerings culminate in several career-ready degree programs including the fields of biomedical sciences, medical informatics, kinesiology and exercise science as well as special education. Currently, there are more than 25 online degrees and professional certificates available including an online associate degree in systems, networks and LAN/WAN, an online bachelor’s degree in special education, and an online master’s degree in information science. Dakota State University (DSU) offers a master’s degree in Analytics. We chose this program because of its affordable tuition fees and many options. You can follow one of three paths: general, health informatics or information systems. This online degree prepares you for a career as a data scientist, data architect, marketing analyst, financial analyst, and more. Core courses include: Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Data Analysis, Big Data Analysis, Statistical Programming, Modern Applied Statistics I and II. If you follow the general track, you will study business finance, business analysis for management decisions, economics for decision making, strategic marketing and structural programming and design. We think this is a much appreciated title. For a direct path to your masters in data science, this is a great option.

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Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a public research university located in University Park, Pennsylvania. There are 47,789 students enrolled, and the student-faculty ratio is 16:1. The Midstate Commission on Higher Education accredits Penn State to grant comprehensive degrees and professional certificates. US News ranks Penn State as the 52nd best school in the country, the 20th best school for undergraduate engineering, and the 14th best public school. The university offers comprehensive student support services including medical assistance, academic and career counseling, graduate placement, student employment and credit for life experience. Penn State’s global ranking is 66th. In our opinion, this figure is very high for the outstanding academic and research institution that this flagship institution has become. Students are spoiled for choice and can really choose from any academic discipline including women’s studies, veterinary medicine, substance abuse counselling, forestry and opera. Another factor that may contribute to their extraordinary influence in the academic field is the global universities, where students can choose from more than 100 online degrees and professional certificates. Penn State University offers a Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics. We chose this program because of its high academic quality and two flexible options. Students can choose to study the basic option or the business analysis option. Both are 30 credit hour master’s degrees. If you choose the basic option and really want to gain knowledge about business analysis, you can take their online business analysis certificate. The MPS in Data Analytics focuses on the following courses: Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Applied Statistics, Large Scale Databases and Warehouses, Data-Driven Decision Making, Database Design Concepts, Principles of Demography, GIS and more. For the best degrees that give you options, check out these Penn State programs.

Bellevue University is a private 4-year institution located in Bellevue, Nebraska. There are 8,896 students enrolled, and the student-faculty ratio is 31:1. US News ranks Bellevue 153rd for online undergraduate programs, and 120th for online graduate business programs. Student support services include academic and career counseling as well as credit for life experience. Their largest academic schools are in the fields of business, computer information science, and homeland security. Almost all of their academic programs are also available online including an online bachelor’s degree in education, an online master’s degree in management science, and an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Bellevue University offers an online Master’s in Business Analytics. We chose this course because of the affordable tuition fees and quality of the academic program. The program requires 36 credit hours for completion and costs $545 per credit hour. Students are prepared to engage in data science in a variety of settings. The curriculum is divided into three main components: business core courses, information systems core courses, and business analysis courses. The business foundation course is where you focus on business management, marketing and new media strategy, business analysis and more. The information systems course is a 9 credit hour course that has some flexibility. You can choose from the following courses: systems research or development, business systems programming, infrastructure, information security management, new technology management, project management information technology, and IT strategy and policy. The remaining 12 credit hours of the program are in the area of ​​business analytics and include: SAS programming for business analytics, enterprise data and information management, advanced business analytics, and advanced data mining applications. This is an affordable, comprehensive program that is suitable for a number of career paths.

DePaul University is a private Catholic institution located in Chicago, Illinois. There are 23,110 students enrolled, and the student-faculty ratio is 15:1. The Higher Learning Commission accredits DePaul University to grant bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as professional certification. According to US News, DePaul University is the 120th best university in the country, 79th best value school and 78th for best business programs. The university provides support to students in the form of medical services, academic counseling and career counseling. DePaul is a great place to enjoy their diverse academic offerings. Their degrees include programming in theater, playwriting, social work, anthropology, law, Italian, curriculum and instruction, computer graphics, real estate and more. Currently, there are 15 online degree programs offered such as an online master’s degree in medical informatics, and an online bachelor’s degree in information technology. DePaul offers an online Master of Data Science with four concentrations. We chose this course because of the high number of concentrations and quality of the academic program. Students can choose to focus on computational methods, health care, hospitality, or marketing. Each program requires 52 credit hours to complete and each is very rigorous. Each degree culminates in a capstone experience, which will take the form of a data analysis project, coursework, internship, or thesis. With so much concentration and so many

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