Master Of Business Administration Degree Online

Master Of Business Administration Degree Online – As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there are many universities and institutes that offer online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs. These online programs are intended to provide flexibility for working professionals and individuals who cannot attend traditional on-campus classes. However, please note that program offerings and details may have changed since then, so I recommend visiting the respective universities’ websites for the most up-to-date information.

Keep in mind that the availability of online MBA programs may vary depending on your location and eligibility criteria. Additionally, be sure to research each program’s curriculum, accreditation, admission requirements, and student reviews before making a decision. It is a good idea to contact the respective institutions directly for the most accurate and current information about their online MBA programs.

Master Of Business Administration Degree Online

Master Of Business Administration Degree Online

Online MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is a graduate-level program that focuses on developing skills and knowledge

Master Of Business Administration Global (mba Online)

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Avoid These Ridiculous 8 Modern Money Traps To Be Richer Than 99% Of People Spending money today is easier than ever. You can get caught up in the costs associated with online shopping, subscription services and… Master of Business Administration programs are a great option for those looking to advance their careers in business and management. This degree opens up many career opportunities, increases your earning potential, helps you acquire technical and management skills, and expands your professional network. Our online MBA is a two-year degree program that offers foundation courses, core courses, electives and a comprehensive master’s thesis intermediate, plus the option to pursue cross-functional and open electives. The flexibility of the program allows learners to learn not just on weekends, but anywhere and anytime, at their own pace and comfort. It also gives them an opportunity to learn while working. Core courses and electives AICTE’s model curriculum prescribes for a full-time online MBA program. The program is designed to improve domain knowledge and its applications for business processes and decision making. Our wide range of electives are tailored to the needs of the industry and offering them right from the second session ensures a deep understanding of the chosen elective. With an affordable fee structure, the online MBA course aims to enhance the learner’s business knowledge and leadership skills, thus providing an avenue to accelerate one’s career for corporate roles in management. Master of Business Administration Electives Retail Banking Operations 2 Year MBA Program Elective in Retail Banking Operations View Program Systems and Operations Management 2 Year MBA Program Elective in Systems and Operations Management with Finance and Marketing 2 Year MBA Program Elective in Finance and Digital with Marketing View Program Marketing and E-Commerce View Program Data Science and Analytics with Marketing and E-Commerce Elective 2 Year MBA Data Science and Analytics View Program International Finance (Accredited by ACCA, UK) 2 Year MBA International Finance (Accredited by ACCA, UK) with Elective Received) View Program 2 Year MBA with Elective in Information Technology Management View Program 2 Year MBA with Elective in General Management View Program 2 Year MBA Elective in Marketing Marketing View Program Strategic Finance (CPA, US + CMA, by US Accredited) 2 Year MBA with Elective in Strategic Finance (CPA, US + CMA, Accredited by US) Program Banking and Finance View 2 Year MBA 2 Year MBA Program in Elective in Banking and Finance Finance View Finance View Program Elective in Human Resource Management 2 Year Human Resource Management View Program 2 Year MBA Marketing and Human Resource with Elective in Marketing and Human Resource Management Program Human Resource Management and Finance with Dual Elective in Management 2 Year MBA in Finance Program with Dual Elective in Human Resource Management and Finance View Program Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2 Year MBA with Elective in Logistics and Supply Chain Management View Program Healthcare Management 2 Year MBA with Elective in Healthcare Management View Program Project Management 2 Year MBA Elective in Program Management View Program Entrepreneurship and Leadership 2 Year MBA Entrepreneurship and Leadership View Program Business Intelligence and Analytics (Accredited by IOA, UK) 2 Years MBA with Elective in Business Intelligence and Analytics (Accredited by IOA, UK) Learning Hours Two-way live online with audio-video lectures available on Learning Management System (LMS) Pre-recorded audio-video lectures Interactive multimedia content through discussion forums on the LMS Self-study activities for in-depth reference including assignments, quizzes and MCQs, essay-type questions, case studies, etc. Experiential learning methods including individual and group projects Access to 20,000+ additional courses from LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, SWAM and NPTEL. Curriculum and enhance your existing skills Choose one additional course from a cross-functional domain each semester Earn digital certificates and build an impressive resume through case studies and mini-projects Project-based learning Experiential learning Explore in-depth during a capstone project spanning 8 weeks. Work on corporate assignments or do independent studies, interact with project consultants and aim for research publications

Our dedicated Career Advancement Services team goes above and beyond to facilitate valuable connections between our trainees and potential employers. With extensive experience in networking, training and human resource skills, we are committed to helping our trainees secure attractive and rewarding job opportunities. Through a well-structured structure, our trainees are consistently placed in top companies, thanks to our constant efforts and commitment to their professional development.

Master Of Business Administration Degree Online

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I am currently doing MBA in Human Resource Management. So far, the experience has been decent, especially the LMS, which is user-friendly and offers all the necessary updates. Thanks to the entire team behind this.

I am doing MBA in Marketing and Finance. The faculty and support staff have been really inspiring and supportive. As a scholarship student, I am ready to make the most of this valuable opportunity. A toolkit of knowledge will help me contribute to the economic transformation of my country. I must say it has been a wonderful experience with Jain Online.

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After a 27-year career as a graphic designer, faculty, network administrator, web designer, trustee, and CEO, I enrolled with Jain Online to pursue my dream of completing a master’s degree in computer applications. The online format gives me the flexibility to study, complete assignments, and collaborate with my online classmates. I am very grateful that Jain University offers an online degree program.

I sincerely thank Jain Online for helping me at every stage of my professional career. They provided me with the best possible platform and infrastructure to pursue my career interest. Expert faculty is like family and Jain Online is like a second home. Thank you for genuinely caring about the welfare of the students.

My experience at Jain Online has been amazing. With a flexible learning approach, I can earn an MBA degree while working. The constant support and encouragement of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this learning journey.

Master Of Business Administration Degree Online

Studying Jain online has given me a lot of experience as students from different countries have different cultures, which I can learn from. Second, the tutors are very approachable and available to answer any questions.

Master Of Business Administration Online

I am happy to join Jain Online for my MBA program. The faculties were very supportive and the learning material made it very easy for me to understand various concepts. I am glad that I chose them for my academic success.

I was looking for a convenient and flexible option to pursue my MCA program and came across Jain Online. The education system is well organized. The faculty and program managers are very supportive and courteous.

The MBA program at Jain Online is excellent. Engage provides a platform for the student community

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