Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning – (from Latin magister) a graduate degree awarded by a university or college upon successful completion of a course that demonstrates a high level of mastery or specialization in a subject or field of work or professional.

Generally, a master’s degree must be studied before a bachelor’s degree. as a separate degree or as part of an integrated curriculum. in the field of study Graduates are expected to have knowledge of specific theoretical and applied topics. High level of analytical skills or critical evaluation of professional applications and the ability to solve complex problems with critical thinking and confidence.

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

Masters degrees come from European universities. The Pope decreed in 1233 that anyone admitted to the University of Toulouse for a master’s degree must be allowed to teach independently at another university. The basic meaning of a master’s degree is someone who has accepted the position (degree) of a master’s degree (such as a professor) in a university. If one enters the same position in another university, this is considered as liktia dodi (license to teach). But by the 15th century it had become customary in Greek universities to call the teachers of the lower schools. (arts and grammar) as teachers And those above are called doctors.

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Originally, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) was awarded for trivium courses and a Master of Arts (MA) for quadrivium courses.

From the late Middle Ages until the 19th century, the education model required bachelor’s and master’s degrees in low-level skills. and have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced skills. in the United States The first master’s degree (Magister Artium or Master of Arts) was awarded at Harvard University shortly after its founding.

In Scotland, pre-Reformation universities (St Andrews, Glasgow and Aberde) developed to award the Scottish MA as their first degree. no An additional exam from the end of the 17th century, its main purpose is to pass all members of the university.

At Harvard, there are 1700 rules that require master’s degree candidates to take a public exam.

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The 19th academic year has significantly expanded the range of Bachelor’s degree programs available. At the beginning of the study A master’s degree is only a master’s degree. And this degree is obtained without additional research or testing. The University of Glasgow introduced the Master of Arts in 1815.

In 1861 this was introduced throughout Scotland. by Cambridge and Durham in Gland and the University of Dublin in Ireland.

When the College of Physicians of Philadelphia was founded in 1870, he awarded the M.S. “It’s like Europe” too

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

Although there are serious doubts about the quality of Scottish degrees at this time. In 1832, Lord Brougham, Lord Chancellor and alumnus of the University of Edinburgh said to the House of Lords: “The various universities awarded the degree after staying for some time. After many activities A to not complete in all aspects It is very difficult according to the needs of the universities but it cannot be said that the Master of Arts was created in Oxford and Cambridge like in Scotland there is no residency or any kind of examination.It is a death letter for the universities to enforce the requirements of the degree.

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In 1837 a separate examination was offered for the MA in Gland at the then newly formed University of Durham. (Albeit for a short time at the University of Glich. This was followed in 1840 by another new examination. The University of London The charter allowed only to award degrees by examination.

However, in the midst of making the MA an accredited second degree there was renewed opposition, with Durham moving to automatically award BA degrees in 1857 to those who earned them. in Scotland to award a master’s degree as the first degree It replaced the bachelor’s degree from 1858

At the same time New universities were established throughout the British Empire along the London Line. Master’s examinations include: University of Sydney in Australia and University of Que in Ireland in 1850, and Universities of Bombay (now Mumbai University), Madras and Calcutta in India. 1857

In the United States The restoration of the master’s degree as an academic degree began in 1856 at the University of North Carolina. It was followed by the University of Michigan in 1859.

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Even the idea of ​​a master’s degree as a second degree was not accepted until the 1870s, alongside a bachelor’s degree as a final degree.

Sometimes a master’s degree can be earned by taking an exam or matriculating at the same institution. the MA was introduced “on trial” in 1859.

The most important master’s degree introduced in the 19th century was the Master of Science (MS in the US, MSc in the UK) at the University of Michigan. This format was introduced in two forms in 1858: “in the course”, first awarded in 1859, and “on the Exam”, first awarded in 1859. . 1862, while the MS was awarded “in course” in 1876. .

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

However, in England, the signs took a long time to arrive. When London launched its Faculty of Science in 1858, the university received a new charter that took effect. “Having awarded many bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in arts, law, science, medicine, music.”

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Both these awards are awarded in Edinburgh. The Bachelor’s degree is also banned, although the MA is the standard bachelor’s degree in arts in Scotland.

In 1862, a royal commission recommended that Durham obtain a master’s degree in theology and science. (with the proposed abbreviations MT and MS, in contrast to the later British practice of using MTh, MTheol and MSc for these degrees)

But the word didn’t follow. In 1877, Oxford introduced the Master of Science program, and the Bachelor of Science, to stand alongside the MA and BA degrees, awarded to students. Science

But in 1880 a proposal to extend the degree to a Master of Science was rejected and a proposal to make the Master of Science a Master of Arts was rejected. to be a full member of the university

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It seems that this project has been quietly cancelled. and Oxford continue to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science.

At Victoria University, the MA and MSc are following the lead of the Durham MA by requiring additional examinations for those holding a formal bachelor’s degree. But not for the honorable.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were four types of master’s degrees in the UK: the Scottish MA, awarded at first level; Master of Arts (Oxbridge and Dublin) Awarded to all degree holders for a period after completing their undergraduate degree without studying. A master’s degree can be obtained by further study or by obtaining an honors degree (at that time in the UK it was in addition to an ordinary degree. (as is done in Scotland and some Commonwealth countries) and a master’s degree and only possible by further study. (This includes all London master’s degrees.) In 1903, the London Daily News criticized what Oxford and Cambridge were doing. Calling their master’s degree “This is the most stupid of academic fraud” and “fake degrees”

Master Of Arts Degree Meaning

The court’s letters point out that “In general, the Scotch MA is equivalent to a simple B.A” and ask for common standards for degrees. Although defenders of the former university say that “the Cambridge Master’s degree does not imply a cost of study” and “it is ridiculous to explain that any of their degrees are fake because they are awarded by another new university with one degree for different reasons. .”

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In 1900, Dartmouth College launched the Master of Science (MCS) program, first awarded in 1902. It was the first master’s degree in business. This is the beginning of the new MBA.

Think fast on the Atlantic side. In Manchester the Faculty of Commerce was established. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in commerce in 1903.

In the first part of the course, the automatic master’s degree is missing for honors graduates. When honors degrees became standard degrees in the UK in the 1960s, the new Scottish universities were introduced (except Dundee, which received a master’s degree from St Andrew’s). Converting a master’s degree to a bachelor’s degree. Both Oxford and Cambridge have master’s degrees. But there are many graduate students.

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