Master Degree In Educational Leadership

Master Degree In Educational Leadership – A master’s degree in education with a focus on leadership, management, or administration is a required credential in many states for any teacher who wants to move into a supervisory role in a school system, such as a principal or district superintendent. The problem is that earning a degree takes time, and most individuals seeking that certification are already working as full-time teachers. Expecting teachers to take two or more years off work to pursue their degrees is not only unrealistic, it is also unfair to take away from their students qualified and aspiring teachers.

Fortunately, online education is here to save the day. The power of technology and the connectivity provided by the Internet make it possible to learn everything you need to know without ever stepping foot in a physical classroom. That being said, make sure you research your state’s licensing requirements and take a close look at any online programs you consider. Because teacher guidelines vary by state, a credential earned in Texas may not do you much good in a public school in Virginia.

Master Degree In Educational Leadership

Master Degree In Educational Leadership

Our preliminary list of all eligible online master’s in educational administration and supervision programs comes from College Navigator, a searchable database that allows us to define a list of criteria. We specifically searched for graduate degrees in the “Educational Leadership and Management, General” category and noted that distance learning options are required for eligibility. We limited our search to only schools with a maximum acceptance rate of 70% in order to join more selective programs. We then created a system where each college or university could earn points for performance in their specific areas, including:

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Project size: We used College Navigator to look at the master’s degrees in educational leadership awarded by each school during the 2014-15 academic year. We correlated high numbers in this category with program popularity and student retention. It’s hard to know how many students graduate from a particular degree program compared to how many enroll in a given year, but it’s safe to say that colleges that offer advanced degrees in a particular field have taken steps to do so. Very attractive for students; has worked hard to ensure that students who enroll stay enrolled; or both.

ELCC national accreditation. The primary accrediting body for teacher education programs at the college level is the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Within these agencies there are several “Specialized Professional Associations” (SPAs) associated with specific subfields of education. For example, ELCC focuses exclusively on academic leadership. Like most colleges, ELCC regularly evaluates graduate programs in the subject and compiles a list of “nationally recognized” schools that maintain the quality and consistency of teaching that achieves status beyond simply being accredited by NCATE. This category was our primary source of information to calculate our ranking of the best online school leadership programs. We have earned schools to recognize a master’s or doctoral degree. In the latter case, we operate on the basis of the belief that if a university achieves this prestigious recognition for a higher master’s degree, we can take it as a signal of its commitment to providing higher education at all other levels. ok

The tuition fee. Like many of our top rankings, we consider cost to be an important factor, especially for online degrees that appeal to working/adult/non-traditional students. For consistency, we’ve obtained all tuition information from College Navigator, averaging state and out-of-state costs for public schools.

We graded each school based on their performance in each category, then summed them up for a final score, which we maxed out at 100 points. We’ve included these scores below, along with a description of each school and their estimated annual tuition rates.

How A Master’s Degree In Education Helped Me Get An International Teaching Position

UMKC’s online master’s in educational leadership and administration prepares graduates for leadership positions in any school on the PK-12 spectrum.

10. University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, MO Online Master of Arts in PK-12 Education Administration (Building Level)

Like many online school leadership programs, UMKC’s graduate program in educational administration is “designed for working adults.” The flexible course allows students to choose between online and evening classes, as well as the freedom to take two or three classes at a time, depending on your other responsibilities. This convenient arrangement makes it easier for current teachers to stay on their top career path. UMCK’s program provides administration training at the building (school) level and prepares students to complete the ETS School Leadership Licensure Assessment, a requirement for school principals in Kansas and Missouri.

Master Degree In Educational Leadership

Prairie View A&M has continually reviewed its online master’s degrees in educational administration and supervision over the past fourteen years to ensure they remain relevant to current students.

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About 1,200 students in the Department of Educational Guidance and Counseling are enrolled in a program at Prairie View A&M University. Given that the total student population is over 8,000, these numbers represent a major shift in popularity to PVAMU’s degree. But this bias is not so surprising. Only in graduate school can you get an M.Ed. in educational administration, including principal and superintendent certification programs and the MS.Ed. , which includes a thesis track and focuses on positions in academia. PVAMU has carefully considered everything from the best master’s in educational leadership online programs, so you get everything you need.

The University of Houston Clear Lake’s top online leadership program divides courses into eight-week sessions (two sessions equal one semester).

Accreditation by NCATE is practically essential for academic programs if they are to be taken seriously. But the University of Houston at Clear Lake earned an even greater honor by being shortlisted for the institution’s nationally accredited programs, which it has implemented while maintaining high standards set by the Educational Leadership Council (ELCC). This means that students in the online master’s program in educational leadership and management can have full confidence in the academic potential of UHCL’s curriculum. And because the degree only takes 15 months from start to finish, you’ll be ready to test your brand new skills in a brand new career.

UTGR’s online master’s in educational administration and supervision covers topics such as data management and diverse learners to prepare teachers for 21st century school systems.

Earn School Principal Certification Through An In Person Cohort Model At Eku

7. University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley Rio Grande Valley, TX Online Master’s in Educational Leadership (Building and District Level)

In general, a master’s degree rarely takes more than two years, or three years if you are a full-time student. But if you’re eager to climb the career ladder, 24 months can seem like an eternity. But what about 10 months? How fast can students complete the one-year master’s in educational leadership program available online at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley? This degree prepares students for leadership positions in the school system by developing them into “socio-culturally aware leaders” with a solid understanding of ethics and school law, community relations, and instructional leadership.

For just $8,000 a year, Henderson State hosts one of the nation’s most affordable online school leadership programs.

Master Degree In Educational Leadership

If you have even the slightest doubt about the quality of distance education, Henderson State University will quickly dispel it. Undoubtedly one of the best online master’s in educational leadership programs in the region, HSU’s graduate degree includes a curriculum that aligns with the standards of not only the ELCC, but also the Interstate School Leader Licensing Consortium (ISLLC) and the International Society for Technology in Education : (ISTE). As one would expect, a degree of this caliber is also challenging and students should not expect breaks due to the online format. Professors expect prompt communication and hold scheduled class meetings where attendance is mandatory.

Master Of Science Degree In Educational Leadership ยท Pensacola Christian College

With five yearly start dates and manageable eight-week courses, UNT’s program is the most flexible of these online master’s in educational leadership and management rankings.

The University of North Texas regularly appears in online college rankings, and their winning streak is no exception. UNT students can choose from a smorgasbord of 100% online degrees, including M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. And it’s easy to see why this program is so attractive to Texas residents; Between its low tuition fees and accelerated format (you can complete all classes in just 12 months), this program is a solid foundation for being the best online one-year master’s in educational leadership. Students who take this short commitment will finish the year as candidates for Texas Education Standards Examination (TExES) major certification.

Purdue’s accredited online school leadership program uses a hybrid learning model that requires a one-credit internship and two on-campus class meetings per course.

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Master Of Education (educational Management And Leadership)

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