Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary – In my opinion, there is no doubt that teaching is a noble profession as teachers play an important role in shaping the minds and future of our children.

This is a task for those who want to answer a higher calling and give their lives to serve the youth of our country.

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

But if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, consider the iron rice bowl: a term often used to describe jobs with job security, stable income, benefits and a certain level of growth.

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But more than that, you should really think about what you want to achieve and whether this method is right for you.

But before we do that, let’s take a look at the salaries and benefits that teachers at all levels receive in Singapore.

Hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision about your career, as salary is one aspect you should consider.

Please note that these figures exclude the proposed 5-10 percent increase in salary for Ministry of Education (MoE) teachers, associate teachers and MoE kindergarten teachers effective October 1, 2022. leadership positions.

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Notice. It requires graduates to participate in a teacher training program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, which is not included in the table above.

Contrary to popular belief, teachers are paid according to their academic qualifications and not the level they teach.

For example, primary school teachers with a university degree and postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE) will earn approximately one month as junior college teachers with the same qualifications.

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

But there is one caveat: teachers who enter teaching with low qualifications are often assigned to primary and secondary schools.

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For example, an art teacher studying for a Master’s Degree in Education can teach in an elementary school and earn a salary of $1,800 – $2,450 during their untrained school education and also, if if you register, during their NIE training.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the total salary estimates on the payroll website for elementary school teacher salaries and high school teacher salaries.

These salaries also include annual bonuses for teachers, who will receive the same annual bonuses as civil servants.

Also note that the salaries mentioned above do not include the estimated 5 to 10 percent salary increase.

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Although teachers in Singapore earn a decent salary after CPF contributions, there are still many hidden costs to be found. Some teachers spend their money and time on their students. Others may even work tutoring students overtime or providing emotional support.

I strongly advise you to read this comic first before making any decision, because many MOE teachers still struggle with burnout and turn to work as private tutors.

According to a recent report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), early childhood educators in Singapore can usually expect to earn a salary in the following range:

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Educators in this area will work with children aged two months to four years in both kindergartens and primary schools.

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Teachers in this area will work with children from four to six years old in both kindergartens and primary schools.

Educators working in this area will take leadership positions in companies or teachers in both universities and childcare centers.

¹’Salary ranges are compiled from public and private sources and provide a guide to total monthly teacher salaries for various positions, based on current information as of 2019.’

“Infant and preschool teachers will work with children aged 2 months to 3 years, and entry-level teachers and related positions will work with children aged 18 to 4 years.”

Careers In Early Childhood Education

³’Educators with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teaching) or equivalent will be able to work with children aged 18 months to 6 years. Teaching work and related positions are highly desirable for educators who currently work with children aged 4 to 6 years. “

Typically, childcare providers (teachers who care for children aged two months to four years) can earn between $1,800 and $3,150 per month depending on their educational qualifications (certificate professional) and experience.

While teachers with academic degrees can earn between $2,200 and $3,550 per month depending on their educational qualifications and experience.

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

There is also leadership work where you can take on “central leadership or teaching positions in both hospitals and child care centers.” These management positions also pay well, with salaries ranging from $3,150 to $7,600 per month depending on your education level. and experience.

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A job as a special education teacher (SPED) at a state-funded SPED school for children with moderate to severe special educational needs may be right for you.

If you decide to pursue this career, you will be happy to know that SPED teachers will earn a starting salary of $2,620 – $3,120.

You will be paid a salary in this range while studying at the school, including, if you are enrolled, one year of full-time Diploma in Special Education (DISE).

As a SPED faculty member, you can choose a SPED course or leadership career that will determine what positions you can take in the future.

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³ A recognized EI course is required, which is at least a Diploma in Early Childhood Special Development (ADESN). Certification in Autism (CIA) or higher

Certification in Autism (HCIA) can be considered as a minimum training for teachers only in programs that specialize in autism.

According to the International Teaching and Learning Survey (TALIS) 2018, the average teacher in Singapore works about 46 hours a week.

Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Since it can be difficult for full-time teachers to find work for 46 hours a week, I cut it down to a more manageable 35 hours a week.

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This cost is possible as a private instructor if you can maximize your time by hosting small group classes in your home. This also reduces the need for traveling back and forth.

A full-time teacher who works 35 hours a week and 4,345 weeks per month (average weeks per month) will earn around $5,322 per month without CPF contributions if we factor in the lower rate of $35 per hour for elementary school teachers.

But you will still have to find students regularly and work on holidays and long weekends.

There is also no career development. But in terms of pay, the sky is the limit if you manage to build your brand or specialize in niche topics.

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The history student is a writer at Seedly. Before you ask, he is not a teacher. I hope to help people make better financial decisions and not let money control them.

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Master Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Teaching in Singapore has long been considered a “noble profession” and “iron rice bowl”. Depending on who you ask, you may get the impression that teachers are well paid or underpaid for their work. In the current economic climate, you might consider joining a teaching profession to earn an “iron rice bowl.”

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Starting October 1, 2022, employees of the Department of Education, including teachers, will receive salary adjustments, according to the Ministry of Education. This is important to ensure that teachers’ salaries are competitive. About 35,000 education workers will receive a 5-10% monthly salary increase.

This is how much you can earn as a Department of Education (DOE) teacher teaching at the elementary, middle or junior high school levels, plus additional bonuses you receive for being on the job.

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Teaching is a rare profession that pays to teach. All NIE courses are fully funded by the Department for Education and you will receive a stipend during your non-training course and during your NIE course. Those receiving teaching fellowships and sponsors will receive benefits even earlier in their certification period.

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For this investment in your education and training, the Department of Education imposes a bond on all teachers. You will have to pay damages if you do not complete your NIE, resign or are dismissed from work before the bond is paid.

One of the main misconceptions about teacher salaries is that elementary school teachers are paid differently than high school or junior college teachers. Instead, all teachers are paid accordingly

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