Joining The Military With A Master’s Degree

Joining The Military With A Master’s Degree – The Air Force only awards US citizens with a bachelor’s degree. Some career options require additional academic qualifications (such as a master’s degree, specialization). Candidates must have a fit body and high moral character.

Typically, men and women earn their commissions through the United States Air Force Academy, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), or Officer Training School (OTS). Individuals in some professions can earn direct commissions without participating in one of the above referral programs.

Joining The Military With A Master’s Degree

Joining The Military With A Master's Degree

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Air Force Academy annually enrolls approximately 1,200 men and women into its four-year program. Students receive a Bachelor of Science and Air Force Commission. The program is intensive, with a well-balanced curriculum that includes physical and social sciences, humanities and mathematics. In addition, the school provides academics with the fundamentals of aviation practice through subjects such as astronomy and aeronautical engineering. Admission to the Air Force Academy is usually through a nomination from a US Senator or Representative, but there are other ways to be nominated.

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AFROTC provides college students with a unique opportunity to earn a commission upon graduation. AFROTC offers two-year and four-year programs at more than 750 colleges and universities. You apply for the four-year AFROTC program by simply enrolling in the aerospace education course at the same time you enroll in other freshman courses. You can apply for the two-year AFROTC program if you have at least two years of undergraduate work remaining.

The annual book allowance is $900 per academic year, and the monthly allowance will increase based on the individual’s student status. Students receive $300, first class $350, first class $450, seniors $500.

High school students who wish to receive a four-year scholarship should apply at the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year of high school. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply by contacting their college or university professor of aerospace.

The Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base near Montgomery, Alabama gives people a bachelor’s degree to earn a commission. The intensive 14-week program takes graduate or undergraduate students into Go to the rank of the Air Force as second lieutenant.

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The Air Force directs men and women into certain professions, including the medical, legal, or religious fields.

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Joining The Military With A Master's Degree

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Joining The Military With A Master's Degree

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ARSENAL REDSTONE, Ala. – While tough economic times can help employees, it’s not the economy that makes Pvt. Dale Langrehr will join him at 41.

With that opportunity comes new skills, regular pay, great benefits and purpose.

This long-time truck driver is now a mobile missile repairman, a highly trained individual at the Ammunition and Electronics Maintenance School. He hopes to put his new mechanical skills to use as a soldier stationed in Korea. He also hopes to use this skill in the civilian world after he completes his four years of service.

Joining The Military With A Master's Degree

“I was tired of just driving a truck. I wanted a challenge. So I joined,” Langrehr said. “I was the oldest person to come through the doors of the recruiting station in my hometown (in Northern California). I wanted to see if I could do it. And I did.”

Officer Education Opportunities

But before he was cleared to go to basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., Langrehr had to go through a thorough physical exam, including an EKG reading, which is not required of a junior soldier. To prepare for the main training, Langrehr often runs and lifts weights.

His family was not too sure about his decision to join at an age when he was only one year from enlisting – and in most cases, he was at least 22 years older than other privates.

“They think I’m a little crazy. But I’m not married and I don’t have kids. So that makes it easier,” Langrehr said. “My sister thinks it is very good that I passed the basic education of I am old.

While at Redstone, Langrehr, now 42, actually won the fitness award by scoring 90 or better in all three events – push-ups, sit-ups and runs. Although he was older than the average private, he was in excellent shape.

U.s. Navy Engineering Duty Officer Careers

And with age comes more experience and responsibility, which he believes will be useful. He has 17 years of experience working in sheet metal shops, as well as experience working in logging camps and warehouses, and driving cement trucks.

“I know I’m not as young as others. But I feel I have something else to offer,” he said. “I know I’m more responsible than some kids who like to drink and party. It’s not too much for me anymore. I like the structure and discipline of the group.”

“I get a lot of old jokes. But I watch it because I’m an older person who wants to participate.”

Joining The Military With A Master's Degree

After many years as a civil servant, Langrehr said the expectations were a little overwhelming at first. First.

How The U.s. Army Remains The Master Of Landpower

“There are many rules. But I understand them because platoon sergeants work with many young people,” he said.

The minimum age for new recruits is 42, up from 35 in 2006. The Navy has 35, the Marines 28 and the Air Force 27.

“There’s no problem with recruiting older people,” said retired Master Sgt. John Towers, marketing and mission analyst with the 2nd Brigade, based at Arsenal. “Everyone can serve. Everyone can always find something to do.”

“Older workers have a level of maturity that we don’t often see among 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds and even college graduates.”

Staff Sgt. Justin S. Seeley And Staff Sgt. Joshua Maynard, Assigned To 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, Do A Functions Check For The Rq 11b Raven Unmanned Aircraft System’s Stabilizer, For A Master

However, even in a depressed economy, most recruits are between 18 and 25 years old. Towers said workers over the age of 25 make up only a small percentage of total employment.

“The economy has pushed older workers, but it hasn’t had the effect you think,” he said.

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