Instructional Technology Master’s Degree

Instructional Technology Master’s Degree – Technology and education are being combined in new and exciting ways. Let us help you find the best educational technology degrees.

It’s true that technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives – until recently, however, education has been relatively immune to the siren calls of the digital age. But those days are gone.

Instructional Technology Master’s Degree

Instructional Technology Master's Degree

Technology and education are finally coming together. And for those who have a passion for learning as well as a technology bent, a master’s degree in educational technology can lead to a happily married life for both.

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If you are trying to balance a degree with a job and other responsibilities, you should consider studying online. In our ranking of the best online masters in educational technology degrees, we highlight the best online programs in the field.

There has been a recent boom in educational technology that can potentially transform the classroom. Technology helps educators create engaging learning opportunities—from software that simplifies the task of curriculum design to media tools that help introduce new information.

But there are many talented teachers who cannot take full advantage of these innovations – either because of notorious time constraints at work (teachers are busy!) or a lack of technical training.

Educational technology (or ed tech) is an umbrella term for both technological tools and theoretical foundations that support teaching and learning. As such, it is a vast field that includes everything from developing educational software to support roles that help teachers integrate this software into their classrooms.

Master Of Science In Education Technology

And classrooms don’t just mean K-12 classrooms. There are educational technology programs that are equally applicable to many professional training situations—from government to military, business, nonprofit, or higher education settings.

This means that programs vary greatly in focus. And the language can be confusing. In this ranking you will see program titles such as Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Instructional Design and Educational Technology, Instructional Design and Technology. . . You get the picture.

Read program websites carefully for emphasis. Some programs offer a lot of flexibility, while others have a narrower focus. Some focus more on the technical aspects of educational technology development. Others emphasize the human side of pedagogy – or the fusion between technology and the learning process. Most programs mix the two.

Instructional Technology Master's Degree

Feeling unprepared for a technology program? You’ll be relieved to know that most programs don’t require an academic background in technology for entry (although it can give you a leg up in the program). Most, if not all, programs require a bachelor’s degree, and some want you to have an academic or professional background in education.

Is An Educational Technology Degree Worth It?

Of course, any higher education endeavor involves a large financial investment. So you should be encouraged to know that education is one field in which a master’s degree really pays off. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists education as occupations that pay “relatively high” for advanced degrees.

We believe that a great program should combine an excellent learning experience with a good return on investment. So our ranking takes into account many factors – such as reputation scores, peer evaluations, tuition costs, and graduates’ early career earnings. We then calculate a composite score that balances academic excellence with the all-important return on investment.

So read on, future ed tech leaders! We hope that our ranking will help you find the right program for you!

You probably need no introduction to the first school on our ranking. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is a prestigious East Coast Ivy League school with a history that dates back to 1636. Ranked #2 among national universities (US News & World Report), Harvard has 13 prestigious schools and institutions, including the top-ranked Graduate School of Education.

Which Master’s In Education Degree Should I Get?

Harvard’s Graduate School of Education offers a Master of Science in Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE) that welcomes students from a diversity of academic and professional backgrounds. Supporting teaching and learning, Harvard’s TIE program has a fundamental commitment to using technology to enhance the learning experience for all students. Courses offered include:

You don’t need previous computer science or technology experience to join Harvard’s TIE program, although passion and creativity are essential. The program is highly customizable as there is no required core. Instead, students choose five courses from a list of eighteen technology-related courses plus three electives. Students complete 32 credits of the program in one year.

One of Columbia University’s elite graduate schools, Teachers College (commonly known as TC) at Columbia University is one of the best graduate education schools in the nation. The nation’s first and largest graduate school, TC is a leader in creating educational policies that aim to remove all barriers to student success in the classroom.

Instructional Technology Master's Degree

Teachers College at Columbia University offers a Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Media, which combines educational strategies with emerging technologies. Students will be challenged to identify best practices for integrating information and communication technologies in classrooms, including principles of design. Courses include:

Education Technology And Instruction

TC’s MA in Instructional Technology and Media is a 32-credit course consisting of 16 credits of core courses, plus 7-10 electives and a required integrated project. The program applies to all subject areas and serves students, staff and faculty members who are committed as educators to using digital technologies to enhance learning at all levels.

Located in the state capital of Columbus, Ohio State University is a nationally ranked, public research university and the nation’s largest. The school is home to the College of Higher Education and Human Ecology with a Department of Educational Studies. DES offers several nationally ranked programs, making it one of the best places to earn a degree in an academic specialty.

The Department of Educational Studies in OSU’s College of Education and Human Ecology offers a Master of Learning Technologies degree that will provide you with the skills you need to excel in the field of educational technology. With a broad focus on a wide variety of educational contexts (from K-12 education to professional and corporate settings), the program applies current research to the question of how to best use technology to support learning. Courses include:

The Ohio State Master of Learning Technologies is a minimum 30 credit program, consisting of seven core courses and nine credits for electives, research, and capstone courses. It’s an online, streamlined course, and you can adjust the workload for a part-time or full-time schedule.

Curriculum And Instruction: Instructional Technology

Located in the college town of Auburn, Alabama, Auburn University is a public research university and, with an enrollment of 22,000 students, it is the second largest university in the state. The school ranks among the top 100 national universities (US News & World Report) and among the top 50 public schools in the country. The Auburn College of Education in Auburn also ranks in the top 100 nationally.

FSU’s College of Education offers an online or classroom Master of Science in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies that will help you in a variety of professional contexts. With a triple focus on instructional design, emerging technologies and performance improvement, this program will teach you to create innovative approaches to help people improve their skills, knowledge and work performance. Courses include:

FSU’s MS in Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies includes 36 credit hours of coursework, an internship and a portfolio. In all courses, students will apply their knowledge to real world problems. By enrolling in at least six credit hours in six consecutive semesters (fall, spring, and summer), you can complete the degree in two years.

Instructional Technology Master's Degree

Located in the college town of Auburn, Alabama, Auburn University is a public research university and the second largest in the state with an enrollment of 22,000 students. The school ranks among the top 100 national universities (US News & World Report) and among the top 50 public schools in the country. The Auburn College of Education in Auburn also ranks in the top 100 nationally.

Online Educational Technology Graduate Programs 2023+

For those interested in working in libraries, the Auburn University College of Education offers a Master of Education in Library, Media and Technology. The program includes information science, instructional design, instructional technology, educational leadership, and learning theory. Graduates will have a Library Media Certificate. Courses include:

Auburn’s M.Ed. In Libraries, Media and Technology prepares students for careers as educators, information specialists, learning partners and school library program administrators. The program consists of 30 credits of core courses, internships and other supporting courses. If you are interested in an online program, this program is available both on campus and online.

One of the four campuses that make up Arizona State University, ASU’s West Campus is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The school is one of the newer campuses, established in 1984, and is home to the highly regarded and highly ranked (#11 nationally by US News & World Report) Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

By ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teacher

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