How Do You Say Master’s Degree In Spanish

How Do You Say Master’s Degree In Spanish – (from the Latin magister) is a post-graduate degree awarded by a university or college after successful completion of a course that demonstrates a high level of mastery or generality in a particular subject or area of ​​professional practice.

Typically, a master’s degree requires study prior to a bachelor’s degree. it can be a separate degree or part of an integrated curriculum. within the field of study Master’s degree students are expected to have advanced knowledge in specific theoretical and applied subjects. A high level of ability to analyze a critical assessment or professional application and the ability to solve complex problems and to think critically and boldly.

How Do You Say Master’s Degree In Spanish

How Do You Say Master's Degree In Spanish

Master’s degrees from European universities. The Pope in 1233 decreed that anyone admitted to the University of Toulouse for a master’s degree should be allowed to teach alone at another university. The basic meaning of a master’s degree is a person who has received the status (degree) of a master’s degree (such as a professor) at a university. If a person can be accepted for the same job in another university, this was gradually made legal as kittia dodi (teaching license) At first, professors and doctors did not distinguish. But in the 15th century it was customary in Greek universities to call teachers from the lower classes. (art and grammar) like a teacher And those in higher positions are called doctors.

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Initially, Bachelor of Arts (BA) was awarded for trivium courses and Master of Arts (MA) for quadrivium courses.

From the late Middle Ages until the 19th century, the education system required bachelor’s and master’s degrees in lower-level fields. and have bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in advanced fields. in the United States, the first master’s degree (Magister Artium or Master of Arts) was awarded at Harvard University shortly after its establishment.

In Scotland, the pre-Reformation universities (St Andrews, Glasgow and Aberdeen) developed to make the Scottish MA their first degree. without further Examination from the end of the 17th century, its main purpose was to provide full university membership.

At Harvard, a 1700 law required master’s degree applicants to pass a public examination.

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Course Number 19 has greatly expanded the range of Master’s degree programs available. At the beginning of the study the only master’s certificate is the master’s degree. And this award is usually obtained without further study or examination. The Master of Surgery was introduced by the University of Glasgow in 1815.

In 1861 this was introduced throughout Scotland. as well as Cambridge and Durham in England and Dublin University in Ireland.

When the College of Surgeons of Philadelphia was founded in 1870, it awarded the degree of M.S. “Like Europe” again

How Do You Say Master's Degree In Spanish

Although there are serious doubts about the quality of degrees in Scotland at this time. In 1832, Lord Brougham, Lord Chancellor and alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. He said to the House of Lords: “Different universities The degree was given after staying for a certain time. After doing a lot of work And if it is not perfect in every way It is very difficult as universities require it but it cannot be said that a Master of Arts has been done in Oxford and Cambridge like in Scotland without accommodation or examinations of some kind. For universities to impose requirements for graduation is a death warrant.”

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It was in 1837 that a separate MA in Gland examination was introduced at the newly founded Durham University. (Although I was at the University of Glich for a while. This was followed in 1840 by a new examination of the same. The University of London is only allowed by charter to award prizes by examination.

However, in the middle of controlling the MA as a certified second degree it was once again in danger, Durham moved to award BA awards in 1857 to those who received it. in Scotland to offer a master’s degree as a first degree It has held a bachelor’s degree since 1858

At the same time new Universities were established throughout the British Empire along the London Line. Master’s examinations included: the University of Sydney in Australia and Que’s University of Ireland in 1850, and the Universities of Bombay (now the University of Mumbai), Madras and Calcutta in India. 1857

In the United States The restoration of the master’s degree as a degree began in 1856 at the University of North Carolina. This was followed by the University of Michigan in 1859.

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Although the concept of a master’s degree as a second degree was not accepted until the 1870s, it was close to a doctorate as a terminal degree.

Sometimes it is possible to get a master’s degree either by taking exams or by standing at the same institution, for example, in Michigan, the “in course” MA was introduced in 1848 and awarded. The MA “examination” was introduced in 1859.

Perhaps the most important master’s degree developed in the 19th century is the Master of Science (MS in the US, MSc in the UK) at the University of Michigan. This format was introduced in two ways in 1858: “in fact”, which was first given in 1859, and “by Review”, which was first given in 1859. .

How Do You Say Master's Degree In Spanish

However, in England, degrees take a long time to arrive. When London started the Faculty of Science in 1858, the university received a new charter. “There are many bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral awards in the fields of arts, law, science, medicine, music.” Novelty College Masters Degree Diploma

Two similar degrees are awarded in Edinburgh. It also leaves out the Master’s degree, although the MA is the standard bachelor’s degree for arts in Scotland.

In 1862, a royal commission recommended that Durham obtain a master’s degree in theology and science. (with the abbreviations presented as MT and MS, in contrast to the recent British practice of using MTh or MTheol and MSc for these degrees)

But the recommendation was not followed. In 1877, Oxford introduced the Master of Natural Science program, along with the Bachelor of Natural Science degree, to stand next to the MA and BA degrees and be given to students. Science

But in 1880 the proposal to extend the degree to Master of Science was rejected along with the proposal to make the degree of Master of Natural Sciences a Master of Arts degree. making them full members of the university

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This project seems to have been quietly cancelled. while Oxford continues to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science.

At the University of Victoria, both the MA and MSc follow the lead of Durham’s MA in requiring additional examinations for those with a standard bachelor’s degree. But not for the respectable.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were four different types of master’s degrees in the UK: the Scottish MA, which is awarded at first level; Master of Arts (Oxbridge and Dublin) Awarded to all bachelor’s degree holders at some point after completing their bachelor’s degree without further study. A master’s degree can be obtained by further study or by obtaining an honors degree (which at the time in the UK was in addition to a standard degree. (as is done in Scotland and other Commonwealth countries) and a master’s degree can only be obtained by continuing to study. (This included all London master’s degrees.) In 1903, the London Daily News criticized the methods of Oxford and Cambridge. Calling the degree of see master’s “The stupidest education scam ever” and “fake degrees”

How Do You Say Master's Degree In Spanish

The case letter points out that “In general, the Scotch M.A. is only equivalent to a brilliant B.A” and requires common standards for degrees. Although the defenders of the university say that “the Cambridge Masters degree does not pretend to be an award of study” and “it is a shame to explain that one of their degrees is fake because some modern Universities they give the same measure for different reasons.”

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In 1900, Dartmouth College launched the Master of Commercial Science (MCS) program, which was first awarded in 1902. This was the first master’s degree in business. It was the forerunner of the modern MBA.

This idea quickly spread across the Atlantic. In Manchester the Faculty of Commerce was established. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business in 1903.

During the first half of the course, the automatic master’s degree for honors graduates is not available. When honors degrees became standard degrees in the UK in the 1960s, new universities were introduced in Scotland (except Dundee, which inherited a master’s degree from St Andrew’s ). Converting a master’s degree into a postgraduate qualification. Oxford and Cambridge have master’s degrees. But there are many who have received many degrees.

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