Double Master’s Degree

Double Master’s Degree – The combination of Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) degrees enables managers to develop strategic corporate management and human resource management solutions.

Companies are increasingly using unique forms of organizational design and human resource management practices to gain competitive advantage. This qualification is most suitable for individuals working in business management and human resource management who are ready to progress to higher level management positions.

Double Master’s Degree

Double Master's Degree

The aim of the double master’s degree is to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to move from transactional human resource management practices to transformative practices.

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Graduates of this program are awarded two master’s degrees, both MBA and MHRM. This dual qualification gives you an extra edge in the competitive job market.

Completed in 16 months. Plan your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Mainly price-based, industry-related units

Continuous learning is not just for the younger generation. I believe that anything is possible as long as you put your heart and mind into it. In a desire to expand my knowledge, improve my work and improve my professional marketability, I decided to pursue this path to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) even in my early fifties. I finally decided to study MBA at Murdoch University at Kaplan because they are known for their industry leading teaching experience. In addition, my colleagues and friends have also left good reviews about their education at Murdoch University.

What I learned in the MBA program such as: B. Double-loop learning and applying decision-making principles to difficult situations has strengthened my understanding of why multinational companies move into certain growth areas. Intensive discussions between lecturers and students allowed me to understand the emergence of a paradoxical way of thinking. These skills allow us to connect and understand each other as a team, communicate and align our vision, and work together toward a common goal.

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The colleagues I have interacted with in my study group have allowed me to understand the various dynamics and intricacies of the function. Aside from my insight, my network of colleagues is my most valuable achievement. I would recommend Murdoch University because the classes are interesting and encourage healthy and respectful debate among students.

Previously working as a senior physician in a large medical group, I was determined to diversify my career. Instead of limiting myself to a purely clinical role, I want to expand my role to a role that encompasses other aspects of the healthcare industry. Therefore, I decided to complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Murdoch University.

This MBA not only gave me knowledge about the commercial aspects of the medical and healthcare industry, but also gave me the confidence to present well and speak confidently to convey my ideas more effectively. Although the MBA is only the beginning of my career progression, it has given me the skills to make the right contacts.

Double Master's Degree

After completing my master’s degree, I received a job offer from another clinical group that was looking for positions for chief physician and medical director. Eventually, I managed to take a leadership role in the medical division of a pharmaceutical company, which had been my long-term goal.

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Head of Sustainability Plans and Policy, Center for Sustaining Ops Systems Home Team Science and Technology Agency Master of Science in Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) Murdoch University Student (2021)

Murdoch University was my choice for postgraduate studies as the school would offer me a globally recognized qualification and an enriching university experience.

I chose this master’s degree because I have a strong interest in data science. It processes large amounts of data and uses modern tools and techniques to reveal invisible patterns, derive meaningful insights and make operational decisions. The program’s curriculum is well structured and its relevance to my current professional field helps me add value to my work.

The university offers excellent student support through its online platform, where relevant resources are easily available. For example, I can access the Murdoch University online library at any time to find journals and articles for my research. If you have any questions about the module, the unit coordinator can also be contacted by email.

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Studying at Kaplan also allows me to have a flexible study schedule, which is important because I work full-time. This positive factor gave me the confidence to start the program. Completing a part-time postgraduate course while balancing full-time work and family life is no walk in the park. Since joining this program, I have become more disciplined and effective with time.

Industry Testing Services Senior HR Executive Double Master – Master of Business Administration & Master of Human Resource Management (MBA-MHRM) Graduate from Murdoch University (2021)

I want to add value to myself by learning related knowledge and skills, so after research I decided to get a double master’s degree (Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resource Management) at Murdoch University because it is the best choice for me.

Double Master's Degree

I think a postgraduate degree is necessary to advance in my career. Undoubtedly, it gives me an edge over my colleagues. The degree is a confirmation of my personal skills for future career opportunities.

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During the program, I was able to balance work and study by carefully managing my time and priorities. This experience helped me in many areas. My time management has improved, as has my ability to prioritize. It has also given me a greater sense of discipline to complete my tasks within the planned timeframe even during difficult times. One of the most surprising benefits is the increased self-confidence because I can look back and reflect on how I achieved my Master’s because I worked so hard to achieve this goal despite the many obstacles I had to overcome.

When I finally graduated, it gave me a very satisfying sense of achievement and I was delighted to have completed a double master’s course at Murdoch, which gave me the knowledge and support I needed.

My advice to those who are thinking about pursuing postgraduate studies is: every day we are faced with changes and new needs. As the world becomes more competitive, investing in ourselves will be the best investment and you can do that by earning a master’s degree to advance yourself to stay competitive and relevant.

Double Master Project Manager for the Public Sector – Master of Business Administration and Master of Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) (MBA-MIT) Murdoch University Student (2022)

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Murdoch University’s range of double masters courses are too good to pass up. With the same amount of time in a typical single master’s degree program, I can achieve two master’s degrees and knowledge in two fields.

Dual courses of study are important for today’s professionals because the days where you can be satisfied with in-depth knowledge in one field are over. Now the Double Master will give us the edge we need.

The school offers flexible study options and personalized courses, which is important to me as a committed working adult. Since I have the luxury of customizing courses, I can manage my time better. For example, because I knew I would be working on a data-related project later this year, I enrolled in a data course beforehand to prepare for it.

Double Master's Degree

Even with virtual learning (as a result of the pandemic), there is no compromise in the quality of teaching. Lecturers have extensive specialist knowledge and the ability to provide students with relevant academic and personal experiences. The program also encourages class engagement.

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One of the most valuable benefits of this program is the opportunity to learn from your peers. You won’t find a better place to network and learn from others than the MBA-MIT program, as the program is attended by working professionals, many of whom have years of experience.

In addition to my dual master’s program, I previously obtained a degree in Digital Business from University College Dublin, another Kaplan partner university, which allowed me to advance my professional career.

Learning & Engagement Manager Singapore Repertory Theater Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-Learning) Murdoch University Graduate (2022)

Completing this course has provided me with theoretical knowledge from an academic perspective and allowed me to combine my practical experience with the strength of academic knowledge in my decision making. I was able to apply my post-graduation knowledge to what I am doing now and it definitely helped me plan my business growth strategy for the future.

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For example, through modules like “Economy, Society and Environment” I have gained more knowledge in my consulting work with clients, for example about the current trend topic “Environment, Sustainability and Governance” (ESG). Additionally, the Leading an Engaged Enterprise module gave me a deeper understanding of how to better motivate and lead my employees.

The best part of studying for an MBA is networking. Through this course I met managers and other business owners to exchange ideas and knowledge with each other.

I discovered that post-graduate studies not only open up career opportunities

Double Master's Degree

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