Double Degree Master

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Being involved in business and management in higher education is important in many ways, from supporting business ambitions to leading a better life and achieving success. We want to share with you our business information about the universities we partner with to make sure you win more degrees when you set high goals and practical and proven academic principles. Exchange degree programs and recommendations from our famous people. Students, the various post-academic events and available ECTS suggest events you can keep as permanent memories of attendance and information about current and future programs we are launching, renewing and changing. Your successful degree and qualifications have been successfully achieved and verified by our school.

Double Degree Master

Double Degree Master

The Swiss MBA degree program at the Swiss Graduate School in Switzerland (www.) allows students to earn their dual MBAs in a short time and in a very efficient way. The program is uniquely designed to combine local and international activities into an international MBA degree program and allows students to earn two additional master’s degrees with our partner universities. It offers opportunities to study in Switzerland.

Master’s In Management & Innovation

The dual degree MBA with Specialization in Management is a combined classroom program and extracurricular activities and seminars to earn extra money, giving you the opportunity to study internationally to reduce your time studying for an MBA in Executive Management. Business. Gain knowledge from leading companies from Europe and around the world and during your course visits. He has a master’s degree from Switzerland.

You will be asked for details of your degree at two different schools when you consult with the Academic Program Manager so that you can choose the best, shortest and most efficient sessions to study and ultimately the best results and success. It is a regular degree program.

With a mix of academic periods at different campuses, corporate internships (optional), as well as multicultural expertise and a high student mix, this Double MBA degree aims to fully prepare you for a variety of career-oriented jobs. International business. While the first and second semesters cover the basics of business and management, the third and second semesters are dedicated to MBA technology, helping you prepare for your future career.

Courses developed jointly by professors from partner universities reflect today’s global business challenges. This tripartite perspective on global management, events and strategies will give you the tools to adapt to multiple countries and the unique challenges of your future career.

Double Master’s Degree

The Swiss 1+1 MBA program is an opportunity for talented people to combine a business master’s degree from a Swiss graduate school with a one-year MBA. As global businesses become increasingly complex and interconnected, this powerful combination offers you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and expertise as well as develop a better understanding of business, unique leadership skills and support skills.

Before joining the MBA in your third semester, you will spend your first and second semesters completing a Masters course in your chosen course. Once you start 1+1 MBA, you will become an integral part of our diverse team, developing strong relationships with current MBA students, international students, distinguished students and professionals.

Throughout your studies at a Swiss business graduate school, you will receive career and professional development at the business school. You will be a strong leader who can use management systems to translate specialized knowledge into actionable programs with high impact.

Double Degree Master

Expand your business skills as a Swiss Business MBA student. Our business core courses and elective courses help you develop your academic skills

School: Double Degree

Learn from your MBA degree and accelerate your career. As a 1+1 MBA student, you have access to the Swiss Graduate School network from day one.

A capstone project is a culminating project that allows MBA students to showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their MBA studies. It engages students in a project that focuses on an interest, career or academic pursuit that builds on various areas of their higher education and places them in a real-life management perspective. It can be a business plan or a consulting project

Or additional areas of interest and / or management issues, preparing, completing and presenting key points under the supervision of the academic supervisor. Students will be able to critically analyze and solve real-world problems using academic research methods that significantly support real-life management decisions.

To defend this concept, students must present their findings and show that they can prove their findings and ideas as academic and control interests, not only themselves.

Bachelor + Master’s Program

MBA students prepare self-written capital essays. The purpose of the Capstone Thesis is to effectively apply the knowledge acquired in the MBA course to an academic paper describing the MBA course. A thesis can take the form of a business plan or a consultant’s report. The thesis is an independent work, which is scientifically demanding under the guidance of a supervisor

Analyze and discuss your chosen topic in depth and offer solutions. The topic selected from the student’s professional field should demonstrate the skills acquired in the field of work, as well as the development and dissemination of the student’s scientific knowledge. This prepares the student for their future career needs.

The thesis defense takes place after the capstone thesis is submitted. This is done at the request of the administrator. A second detective is also present with the assailant. Students must demonstrate that they have independently developed the content of the capstone thesis by submitting a detailed description of their project.

Double Degree Master

The thesis defense presentation should include a question-and-answer group led by the supervisor to discuss the most important information from the report (including methodology, research, project results, and recommendations).

Double Degree Option

The primary purpose of the thesis defense is to provide evidence of students’ ability to transfer technical knowledge and methodology to a practical context. In addition, the student should be able to participate in regular discussions with the subject matter expert. Finally, the safety of this theory helps students demonstrate appropriate communication strategies based on realistic, academic goals.

The content of the capstone project is decided by the MBA students with the supervisor. However, the administrators reserve the right to assign the required topics to the students.

The Capstone Thesis Defense refers to the main results of the capstone thesis and then the student answers questions from the examiners/experts/supervisors.

Texts – Capstone Texts: • Bailey, S.: Writing Courses for International Business Students, 2011, Routledge, ISBN-13: 978415564700 • Bender, S. L.: Creating a Capstone Project, 2003, Kendall Hunt Publishing, ISB8-5177 Eswalls J. M./Fec., Char. R.: Academic Writing for Graduate Students, Careers and Skills, 3rd Edition, 2012, Michigan Series in English for Academic and Professional Purposes, ISBN-13: 9780472034758

One Master Programme

Capstone thesis defense examiners evaluate the quality of the exam based on the following evaluation criteria: • understanding and application of sound scientific analysis • the structure and content of the presentation • effective transfer of knowledge from the MBA to the chosen topic. In the capital project • Quality of answers to test questions

All academic achievements are graded according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS. A certain number of ECTS credits must be earned in each study program a

A degree can be awarded. Curriculum plans and related regulations define the scope of individual educational programs.

Double Degree Master

Student work covers all the tasks needed to get their degree. This includes things like attending courses and seminars, reading textbooks, and preparing for and taking exams.

Terbang Ke Australia, Kps S2k3 Lakukan Monitoring Dan Evaluasi Program Double Degree

A semester of full-time study completed with 60 ECTS takes 1,500-1,800 hours.We recommend that regular students attempt 30 ECTS per semester.

We recommend that students try to get between 20 and 25 ECTS depending on their language skills.

In Switzerland, a 6-point scale is often used, with 1 representing the lowest class and 6 representing the highest class.

Academic offerings include 10~14 majors and over 50 specializations so that your degree reflects your interests and strengths.

Turkish German University Master In Business Management (double Degree Opportunity)

Not only that, a Swiss graduate school will provide you with the necessary skills to seamlessly transition into work after graduation, but we’ll make sure you have the social justice to make this happen.

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