Counselor Master’s Degree

Counselor Master’s Degree – Changing lives with a career as a professional counselor Gwynedd Mercy University offers a 60-credit distance master’s degree in counseling that prepares students to take on professional roles in community mental health and in elementary and middle schools. Many of our programs are conducted online, allowing for maximum flexibility and ensuring quality preparation. Two residencies and a faculty-supervised field internship offer multiple opportunities to synthesize theory and practice. This combination of online and residential courses offers an excellent balance between the convenience of distance learning and rewarding personal connections with faculty and fellow students. Students choose from two programs: school counseling and clinical mental health counseling. You can also choose the slow traditional track (estimated completion time in 3.5 years) or the accelerated track (estimated completion time in 2.5 years). See details here  (PDF). Core Curriculum

30 of your 60 credits are in the core curriculum, covering a wide range of professional skills for each concentration practice area. In addition, this core provides a strong foundation for doctoral-level education in the field.

Counselor Master’s Degree

Counselor Master's Degree

Study package for registered or future students to review. Please contact our Program Director or CACREP contact for more information.

Guide To Masters In Counseling Degree Programs

Clinical mental health counseling works in a variety of settings, including community programs, social services, and private offices. Find out about school counseling services in schools with children and young people in grades K-12 Explore

In the service of developing ready, competent and ethical counselors, Gwynedd Mercy’s counseling program is committed to providing a strong academic foundation as well as the highest clinical training. This holistic approach encourages students to synthesize their academic learning and experiences to help people experiencing mental health challenges while working for positive change in the situations in which they live, study and work. We are dedicated to preparing graduates who can not only work as instructors, but who can change lives through service and advocacy.

We believe that both self-awareness and respect for others are important qualities for an effective, ethical counselor. Understanding one’s own social and cultural lens, exploring different points of view, learning to bring diversity into meaningful conversations, and promoting the mental well-being brought about by a more just society are important aspects of counselor training.

Gwynedd faculty are passionate about counseling and believe in the importance of a strong professional identity. In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, we also recognize the value of community and are constantly looking for ways to build relationships with our students. Thus, students are assigned a mentor who will be a personal and professional resource throughout the program. Faculty mentors are dedicated to students’ well-being and professional development, sharing influence opportunities, sharing information about trainings and workshops, or acting as a sounding board.

Benefits Of Earning An Ms Dual Degree In Clinical Mental Health Counseling And School Counseling

Our counseling program is delivered primarily online through asynchronous courses, meaning you work independently throughout the week while enjoying the structure provided by regular dates.

The two required residency positions offer significant opportunities for interaction with faculty and colleagues. Internship and practicum classes, which require placement in a school or mental health setting, provide experiential learning and strengthen preparation for professional practice.

We understand that some students need the flexibility to continue their program at a traditional pace, while others want the flexibility to accelerate. Fortunately, at GmerccyU, we offer study programs that meet all of these needs.

Counselor Master's Degree

At , from your first day as a student, you will be assigned a faculty mentor who will see you through the program. Faculty mentors hold optional group mentoring meetings once per semester and are also available to discuss individual issues or concerns.

Masters Degree In Family & Human Services

Students who graduate from our program have the foundational skills, knowledge, and training they need to succeed as new instructors. In fact, it is not uncommon for our students to be offered graduate assignments and internships, a testament to their preparation for the consulting industry.

To obtain Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) status in the state of Pennsylvania, you must successfully complete 60 semester hours of graduate coursework that meets the curriculum requirements of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Education Programs (CACREP).

Our curriculum is designed according to the core course requirements as defined by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Education Programs (CACREP), although Gwynedd’s program is not currently accredited by CACREP.

After graduation, you must pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE) and meet post-graduate supervision requirements to become LPC credentialed in the state of Pennsylvania. Gwynedd Mercy University’s master’s degree in counseling meets state requirements in all majors.

Professional School Counseling

*Licensure: This program is designed to meet Pennsylvania federal licensing requirements. If you live in another country, you should carefully check your home country’s licensing requirements before registering for this program. For more information, visit our Program License Requirements page.

“Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Counseling program at Gwynedd Mercy University! We know this is a big choice, and we’re committed to making you feel connected and as comfortable as possible along the way… .”

Do you know? Every student in the advising program has access to our own academic advisor throughout our program.

Counselor Master's Degree

There is a limit of 12 students per class for field courses and 18 for academic courses. However, it is not uncommon for academic courses to have 14–16 students.

Ma In Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Online

While we don’t officially assign you to a cohort, you’ll find that students who start the program at the same time and choose the same pace (traditional or accelerated model) often overlap in course enrollment. This program model allows you to develop relationships with your fellow students without compromising the flexibility that our program offers.

Yeah! In practice and training, there are hourly requirements that require flexibility in full-time work. These hourly requirements are designed to meet state and licensing standards. Our field coordinator will make a plan with you in advance.

Please note that on the school’s guidance track, exercises and practice periods always take place during the school day and throughout the school year.

Yes, we have hope that students will find their own field work. This allows you to choose the setting that interests you the most, at a location and schedule that suits your availability. However, our field coordinators support students by giving them the tools they need to access the site and are always available to answer questions or concerns.

Online Hybrid M.a. Education

These issues should be addressed on an individual basis through discussion with the field coordinator and careful consideration of the workplace’s ability to address your role and needs as an emerging instructor. As a program that certifies graduates to enter the counseling profession, we need to ensure that you receive a complete and rich clinical experience that allows you to practice the newly learned counseling skills.

Few workplaces have these kinds of opportunities and understand that field experience must meet different standards than your day job. Other jobs may struggle to maintain a fine line between your field role and your salaried role, and therefore may not be a good fit.

Most students complete the program in 2.5 to 3.5 years, depending on their chosen track (accelerated or traditional).

Counselor Master's Degree

You have completed the coursework and fieldwork required to obtain a license in Pennsylvania. However, it is important to know that counselor licensure is regulated by individual states and usually involves several years of post-graduation/pre-licensure experience and supervision. Therefore, no university or counseling program can guarantee that you will be licensed immediately after graduation.

School Counselor Masters Of Education Program Selection And Admission Criteria

Familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements of the state in which you live and/or plan to apply for a license, as some policies may vary from state to state.

Our approach to recognition is personal, nuanced and holistic. There are many different types of people who can be successful instructors, so we try to learn more about what makes you who you are. In addition to understanding who you are based on your interview and personal statement, we take into account testimonials and references from two people who know you and your academic and/or professional work.

Fill out this form and an application advisor will contact you to answer any questions and help you put together all the parts of your application file.

Once your file is ready and submitted, our program will reach the group interview date and time. These interviews are usually held on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 PM EST once a month throughout the school year. The admission decision is usually notified to the applicant within two weeks of the interview.

Online Master’s In School Counseling (m.a.)

We will consider you for admission to our counseling program based on your academic ability, expression of interests and goals, life experience, and personal interview.

NOTE: If your GPA is less than 3.0,

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